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Shenyang J-8II interceptor inside anechoic chamber :


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Here's a very easy to understand illustration of the landing process for a US Nimitz aircraft carrier. You hear the pilots often talk about "lining up the meatball" and this explains it pretty well. What the meatball is and lining it up with the mirrored beam for the proper glide slop.

The only thing it doesn't seem to account for is if there's rough seas. Since the rear of the carrier could easily move up and down by 35ft due to swells and waves and be in the middle of pitch-black nighttime darkness makes it juuuust a little bit more challenging.


@Avicenna , imagine this thing was faster and stealthier than the YF-22 but not as maneuverable. Wonder if the lack of horizontal stabilizers and just very canted ruddervators contributed to that skewed difference.

I didn't want to open a whole new thread just for this post, but if the mods think it should be in a new thread, please feel free to let me know or go ahead and move it to a new thread.

Not really a "nice pic" per definition, but something you don't see often that's for sure.

MiG 23UB crash just happened today at an airshow in Michigan. I think it's part of a museum or private collection but seeing the two pilots ejecting seconds before it impacts the ground (or an apartment building details to come) is very surreal.


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