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Iranian Vs. Turkish Vs. Israeli Drones Arms Race in Other Countries

all propeller drones are kamikaze against enemy with layered air-defence systems. after the russians brought in air-defence systems to eastern region news of TB2 has been very quiet unlike in the early days of invasion.

not exactly, a layered airdefence can be destroyed to. Only thing is you do not used it often so the enemy can not pinpoint the location. Russian are loosing postions and Ukrains are going for counter attack to recapture cities. That say much about Russian airdefence at the moment.
Technically Turkish UCAVs are the most experienced out of Israel and Iran. I don't think anyone can dispute this at all.

Some users here don't seem to understand, within UAVs or UAS, their are doctrinal differences between our countries that cannot be compared. For example, Turkey is heading towards greater/larger UCAVs, with more capabilities, we can clearly see this path with impressive UCAVs. Israel is also focused on this path.

As usual Iran has to take a different approach. Whilst Iran has a very large capacity of UCAVs, you'll notice they are small, similar to the dimensions of the TB2, mostly no larger than this. Iran is focused on this, but also more so on swarms and waves (large quantity), small sizes with inter-UAS integration (kinda made up that word). These doctrinal way of thinking is entirely predicated on the threats each country faces. For example, a large UCAV like Akinci would be useless for Iran, given it's enemies are operating 100s of F-35s, and seek air superiority (USA+Isreal) for example.
I agree, the point of UAVs like Akıncı is taking some of the burden from the F-16s and letting them focus on more important matters rather than acting like a JDAM truck.

Iran not having much of an air force to begin with, doesn't get this synergy. But still, if Iran had a drone like Akıncı, it could be used in a different, more defensive role. It would not be useless.

Especially considering the fact that later versions of such UCAVs are planned to carry GaN based AESA radars.

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