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Six soldiers martyred in North Waziristan skirmish, says ISPR

During the time of one of the four rightly guided Caliph Hazrat Umar, let me tell you. There was a battle, and when they came back victorious, Hazarat Umar's first question was how many were shaheed, and one of the officers responded, saying, "a few." Hazrat Umar responded by saying that "few" is one too many. Now some scholars say it was the officer's attitude who brushed it off as not a big deal that triggered Hazarat Umar to respond angrily at the officer. Even in that time, they valued human life more than our own.
Waziristan should be given to Afghanistan.
If you disagree let me know what good this area has ever given to Pakistan, and compare it to the deaths, financial losses and international insults to Pakistan caused by this area.
Also please don't give me the 75 year old "fought for Kashmir " بھاشن
The problem with all the tribal areas is it doesn't matter who it is given to. They can just walk to any area of Pakistan no matter what nationality they are. Unless you find a way to civilize the tribals, you should build a high concrete wall around them. Both options are close to impossible.
Their blood is needed to wash the black deeds of high command

More blood

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