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Apr 22, 2010
United States
Mods please make this a sticky thread

We will promote this new party to save Pakistan from extremist ideology and put it on development route

Inshallah new PM JTK
Sir JTK did a great job
But ishaq dar has failed like he has in the past
He had bankrupted Pakistan in 15 months

It's time for JTK to shine along with our military 🪖 might we will become a new power

We all know that if I say dar will be a new finance minister of America then even America will bankrupt

A lunatic can bankrupt any country

Country would have been doing great under miftah Ismail

It's not fault of Nawaz sharif the guy is an illiterate politicans it's by accident that ishaq dar married into his family
Aleeem Khan
Malik riaz have history of good work.

What have politican done for this country?
Imran Khan, zardari and Nawaz sharif have looted this country

Where as our military amhas given it's lives

Common people are with us they are fed up of traditional politicans
If you want to fight extremism and keep Mullahs away. Then why not bilawal?
I fear extremist party like Tahreek labaik and other can take advantage of political gap.
1857 Pakistan Fauji Roots


The Training started here , an segregated schools for these "Special" choosen ones to beat down on own Civilians
The training started here to keep Civilians under the boot
To use Sticks to beat them down !!!

First Baghi - Already "Salvating" over the POWER

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Hard working , General

Protecting Civilian Leader (obviously failed ) , but Generals are great protecting Red Zone

Country had no food to eat , mean while General was eating wineing and Dinning abroad
Eating with Kneif and Fork , part of Colonial Force training


Baghi General Killed another Pakistani Leader

Stole Election from Her and she died under mysterious circumstances


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