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“It’s A Suicide Mission, SAAR!”: Indian Air Force Squadron Disbanded Due to Refusal By Pilots To Get Airborne

Whether the story is true or not, reality is that PAF bombed Indian Military targets in broad day light compare to their attacks on some random building in night time, that too in panic they missed badly, if IAF was so mighty and powerful as we are told than they would immediately responded for PAF so called Aggression, why there was no response from India ? Don't they have any plans to respond in case of an Attack ? PAF could've shot more planes but they didn't because they wanted to send a message and humiliate the enemy which they did, Everyone knows that Indians would love their AF to respond PAF but their Air force was ill prepared that is something they can not deny, its out in the open and I can only imagine how western AF's like US in their private chatters would laugh at a country the size of India unable to launch a sophisticated counter strike against the Pakistan AF, Plus PAF told in later interviews that they were waiting for Indian response and if they even as much as get a small hint that IAF is preparing a counter strike than only God help IAF cause their losses will be in 20's, Indians are in just denial over the panic but evidence is clear how their fighters bail out, how Abhinundon was flying all alone with no wing man or no coms, than you have early broadcast of losing a Su30, and last but not the least friendly fire incident of mil35. How many more evidence someone needs to realize that their AF failed miserable that day, and all their false bravado was put to test by a much smaller AF and they came out on top.
Sir, the answer is already available if you look just one day before of that Incident

26th, IAF dropped the bombs but might miss the target...

PAF completely failed to respond on time. They came up with a story that because of us, IAF drops the bombs and run away.

I mean to say that both incidents just happened for a few mins. Mig 21Bison was stationed in Srinagar with MIrage 2000. This was the reason, they were the first responder...

At least, It was quicker than PAF as compared to the previous day...

Next, 2 Su 30 mki and 2 Mirage were patrolling at different border areas...
Shit face saving measures, Indian strike package left Pakistani airspace faster than how long Modi lasts in bed

It's an inherent problem, don't think too hard, Indians fear death too much while Pakistani pilots volunteer on one-way missions out of pure will

Yindus can't relate
I am very sure and would love to be proven wrong(and be happy about that) if this is anymore than total nonsense. At best someone spoke to a early retd IAF officer pretending to be Indian and using that as basis.

Not that the Indians are ages ahead of Pakistan but their cybersecurity policy is better Enforced than with any Pakistani institution barring the military.
Looks more like a tall claim from fanboys without providing an iota of proof. It's about time we bury this chapter and move on as we have much more serious issues at hand presently.

@PDF @SQ8 It would be much better if you guys lock this thread as it's simply based on a claim.
IS ANYONE SURPRISED reading this report? I am ABSOLUTELY not surprised. This right here is the difference between PAF / PA and IAF / IA. If we get attacked and only have F-7P's to defend against the MKI's, I can ASSURE you, we'd have double the amount of volunteer pilots than avilable F-7's! That's the Emaan and respect for our motherland in us!

For the record, the Radars on the Mirages were working just FINE. Our Erieye recorded it's incoming radar signatures, etc. They weren't jammed. They LIED because they were too scared to get into a fight when they were probably in a superior platform than the JF-17 and on par with F-16's.
Absolutely right. The main difference between IAF and PAF is courage and will to sacrifice for your country.... something IAF lacks in both. For us, as Muslims death is not the end of everything, it is just a gateway to go to Aakhira and if Allah accepts a blessed eternal life. For H-N-D-S this is not the case. And as their heart instinctively knows they are not on the right path as non-followers, they fear death too much and lack the usual courage needed for such dangerous missions.
It remembers me of the case of PAF pilots when there was a plan from IsraHell & India to attack Kahuta and PAF pilots were asked for volunteering to ''one way'' mission to attack IsraHell and none of them hesitated and all came forward though they fully knew it will be last day of there lives. Another case is from Rashid Minhas Shaheed who sacrificed his life without hesitation.

The inquiry report even states that one of the pilots gave the excuse of a “stomach bug” and spent 40 minutes in the washrooms as the debate on whether to fly or not was ongoing between the pilots.

Next time let's just bomb the latrine station on Indian Air Bases half the damn force is there at one-time thinking if they should fly or not.
If we try to understand IAF pilot logic it is quite sane. Why send Mig 21 which are known as flying coffins to an active hot zone when you have other assets? Why weren't other jets or squadrons posted thereafter IAF demolished trees and killed a crow in Balakot? Pilots knew their jet capabilities and knew about PAF strike package, they knew mig 21 is no match and its rightly so.
Next time let's just bomb the latrine station on Indian Air Bases half the damn force is there at one-time thinking if they should fly or not.
There isn’t anything to back up the claim made by the OP’s article. Lets not be Indians in deciding to talk about shooting down a F-16 and making up fanciful bollywood drama to support it..

All this is looks like a rehash of the earliest KT blog and adding some fact and fiction to it. Fact is that the M2k pilots who took part in the Balakot attack were extremely nervous and were fully expecting to take losses - fiction is making it part of 51 squadron. That is as bad as the fucking Indians going on Shahzazuddin
Disregarding the usual third rate bhaktoras in action on the thread - there is some truth to this blend of fact and fiction specifically on behalf of the M2K pilots.
They knew they were dead if they engaged and basically could not state disobeying orders directly so they faked the equipment failure to bug out.
Do we know whether those delta drivers were left be or skinned alive for this stunt, or did they tear out wiring themselves during RTB for their claims to look probable during debrief .. ??🤔
Looks like an article written by a 15 year old enthusiast.... I don't believe an iota of it. There's just too much childish rambling and little to no professional information.
hahah ... shughal reading... Well ... we are talking about the airforce which attacked Asia's best protected airfield (Sargodah) in 1965 and they raided peshawar... both these mission were one sided flights as at that time PAF was very well equiped compared to IAF.. They are enemies for sure but it's weak and out of character if we wouldn't respect their capability and resolve too..

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