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First Photos of Destroyed Leopard and Bradley’s, confirmed

March 2024?

Russian counter offensive is coming next month

100,000 soldiers have massed near the front with 900 tanks

this war will go for a long time and longer it goes in advantage is with Russia
Sure, the russians are always waiting around the corner, while the ukrainians are stepping into a trap when the russians retreat.
Those 100.000 better start moving, because the according to pro russian online choir in 2-3 weeks no offensive operations can be done (due to weather and what not) - but that somehow doesnt apply to Russia..

Ukraine has already lost everything. All that is left is their will to defend its territory and strike back at the russians. Russia cant really escalate, while Ukraine is actually getting more capable of threatening Russia day by day.
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It turns out that one of those leopard 2 was the Swedish version with STRV 122 with more Armor
Take a closer look. Its the same vehicle recorded from two different angles.
Rotated one of the pictures

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Russia has out built, out stripped out produced pretty much all of the Western nations combined in the last 18 months and this includes the US

What makes you think Zelensky can win where Napolean and Nazi failed

Russia can not be defeated full stop

Americans are scared to death to send in the Abram, that cheap American tin can is not as good as the Leopard 2A6

actually you can send the Leopard 2A7+ and 2A8the result will be the same
Abram may be too heavy for the boggy terrain. Also underpowered for the weight on this terrain. 68 tons @ 17kW/t.

2A6 is better, 62 tons @ 18kW/t.

Russian T-90 is 46-53 tons @ 18-21.5kW/t.

We've seen in this war how armored vehicles become sitting ducks while stuck in mud.

It seems like NATO hasn't considered the idea of mobility here. Or they just don't have the appropriate equipment for the terrain.

Leclerc S1 might have been a better option. 54.5t @ 20.5kW/t.

Challenger 2 is the worst option. 75t @ 12kW/t!!! 🤦‍♂️

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