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27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

if we haves something like harp... can we jam them? i hope Chinese haev already made something like that
They should have let them cross the border, then we could have had the valid reason to shoot them down, for me an early opportunity missed. These buggers are only checking our ooperational readiness.
  • India tried intrusion at 3am
  • Bahawalpur region
  • Intersepted by PAF F16s.
  • Yindus ran away without any further activity.
  • Falcons did two air blasts after.
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they run back, like always ..
my experience with indians they are not fools. they are extera afraid nation. thy will keep testing us..they can not war directly. they wil use proxies from afghanistan side.. they are putting pressure on us to bring army from afghan side to indian side so they can do terrorist attack on pakistan from afghanistan side..we should not remove our army from afghanistan side. they are bluffing.. investors who invested in india willl not allow them to do silly stuff
Tomorrows Headlines on Indian channels
Brave IAF Pilots went deep inside Pakistan , Bombed militants and supporting ISI safehouses .
100000 Terrorist and Pakistan army soldiers dead.
most of such videos on youtube are nothing but a load of BS. and as far as intrusion is concerned, the MKI can see upto 400 kms and your F16 will get a missile hit even before they see us coming. So dont believe too much on these nonsense videos.
f16 were updated by turkey long time before beyond visual configuration.. update yourself before paf put you guys in wooden box which you guys will buy from russian and even your leaders will bribe for that wooden box

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