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  • سلام
    برادر ... من یه مقداری عکس ناب از رژه ی 29 فرورودین دارم ( یعنی مال یکی از مدیران سایت میلیتاری . آی آر هست )
    این عکس ها شامل ذورالفقار 3 ( نمدل نهایی به همراه تجهیزات )
    فونیکس و چندین موشک هوا به هواه ( فونیکس هم داره ) و هوا به زمین هست به همراه بمب دقیق زن قاصد 3 با برد صد کیلومتر

    لطفا یه تایپیک ایجاد کن و این عکس ها رو بزار ...
    Salaam Bro, yeah i'm fine thanks, i had exams and rl that i had to concentrate on so i decided to take time off. Inshallah your in good health.
    ببینم شما تو ایران زندگی میکنی؟
    اگه این طوره چه طوری میری تو ایران میلیتاری فوروم؟ فیلتر شده.
    اگه به سایتشون دسترسی داری بگو همه ی کسایی که فارسی بلدن یه ای میل به این آدرس بزنن بگن اشتباه فیلتر شده.
    ممنون خداحافظ
    Not at all my dear friend. I took offense only at the source. That blog is very racist and it is quite obvious that anything non-Chinese is looked down upon. I have no qualms in accepting the ills affecting my country, but quoting from a racist blog is something else.
    I hope that clears things up a little.

    Mubarak Shah is great, he sadly passed away(car accident) very young. he has copied many songs from Ahmad Zahir and Zahir Howaida from Afghanistan, but he has sung those songs(and also his own songs) so beautifully. Shaban soraaya is also good, she has good songs, here are some songs from both:


    salam pasban bro, have you ever listened to Shabnam Suraya and Mubarakshah's songs? they are great.
    Walaikum Salaam bro. I'm doing well and i'm glad to know your doing good. Brother don't mind what other people say, many members (including me) respect Iran and the Iranian people. I admire Iran and its people. Don't let the words of a few people keep you out of this forum. Your contribution to this forum is valuable and much appreciated . regards
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