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  • firstly thanks for giving me the right to have my point of view
    secondly I am not sure what post you are referring to that is edited.

    I only edit posts where the poster has quoted an original psot that contains abusive & derogatory matterial. I normally delete the posts.
    its good that you agree that use of urine is not an issue here. for me its not relevant anyway. there was a need to moderate the thread & that is done

    your reaction towards me are uncalled for and I let it pass

    good day
    I had no interest in the discussion which started from cow urine and ended with camel urine
    and no I didnt check if the thread existed back in 2009. and the OP didnt ask me before creating the thread anyway.

    i brought down the temperature there because the emotions were running high. and please try to express without rehtoric and rants. OP has kept the discussion civil and I dont agree with your comments.

    good day
    Hey,I did not get your POV of acquitting the Kid!
    Two years ago,a muslim teen was shot dead by army man in the premises of an Officer's home after they heard him speaking in Urdu on the Mobile Phone after being chased by Cop's for D-Racing!
    The same thing happened as the Media accused the army man of slaughtering the "innocent" kid.
    All I'm saying is that "let the investigations conclude before you take wild jibes at the On duty Jawan"!
    Bro,the "Senior Member" with the username A1Ka*d is a known troll who was using Israeli flags to cr*p in India defence forum before he got busted(read-Humiliated) by Karthic!Please do not reply to his zero value posts....also add him to your Ignore List.
    gubbi paaji, i dont know if u remember, there was a youtube clip posted here of some dutch scientist who collected economic and human health data of the world for abt 500 years and presented it on a holographic display. u remember watching that clip? I need help finding it
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