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  • not a boss but your good friend
    of course thee is a lot of tempting posts that demand response but always take a breath before reposning
    all the best
    respected freind
    please avoid the trolls dont feed them
    they will die eventually if constantly ignored

    all the best and take care
    Kanptay Honton Se Jub Maine Kaha Hai ABBAS,
    Dastgiri Ko ALI Ban K Chala Hai ABBAS,
    Koi Samjhega kya Us Laal Ki qadr o qeemat,
    Barso Dhoonda Hai ALI ne To Mila Hai ABBAS,
    Ah!!!!!!! Nice to see you back bro!!!! I am really happy that you are back!
    You know Emo is no more the same girl. She has changed her attitude, specially after your protest.
    If you Hurt me, I will forgive, If you hurt my Family I can forgive. But I am a very simple muslim and am proud of My faith. I can compromise on every thing but not on Ishq(love ) of My Prophet.
    I am proud slave of Prophet Muhammad, Ale Muhammad and Ashaab e Muhammad. Islam is my Religon and Love is my Faith. I am Mureed of Sabir Mian Sarkar
    Yaar i know, left reading in half, thoraa in Indians ko zara sambhal loon, then wapis aataa hoon :) don't worry, i hardly miss your such articles, good and informative.
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