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  • lolz settled was quite a heavy word. Audit work is real heavy man. Very impressive. If i remember correctly you are settled in Pakistan right? Where exactly? Btw my family also hails from Pakistan. I am a sindhi. My grandparents migrated to Bombay from Larkana after partition.
    Gud to hear from you brother. Happy Independence day and Ramadaan Kareem. Done with my masters ,joined my family business in India now. We are into construction, mainly housing. The site and field work has started taking its toll on me man. Mostly I find myself too busy with work daytime, with friends in evenings. Still I have been a silent observer these 3-4 months, contribute my bit once a while.
    Anyways, how have you been, what you doin nowwa days?
    Nope that is the exact reason. They dont want anybody to know what happened in the past.
    Waqas bhai do your best. But if it doesnt work out, no problem. Just for my own knowledge, which program do you use to convert videos to animated gifs?
    do you have a crush on me :P?

    and yes but aprently i can't send you a pm till i have 700 posts so you have to wait :P
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