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  • @S-2 sir
    Question.How determined are the americans to get the head of Mullah Omar in particular?More than the Haqqanis,Iam thinking bumping of Omar will result in the unravelling of the deal between the Jehadi factions and the Pakistan Army because good taliban or bad taliban,Omar has lot of weight in the Pusthun ultra's file and rank
    Oh i am terribly sorry for that mistake. However thanks for your enlightening comments. Agree pretty much that Economic disparity is there but gradually decreasing as people having lower income are now have cheap tools to access rich innovative and colossal information. Adding to that is once you have access to information it helps you radically improve your approach towards things which could have been viewed in a completely different manner otherwise.I for once considered yanks evil :P.
    As more and more information becomes readily & cheaply available like in case of evolving of the World Wide Web , it will have a significant impact in the process of transformation as much of the lower class didnt even had access to such information Plus then you dont arise a need to go to a good collage and pay expensive tution and get a good degree as a beautifull idea is always carved by imagination and access to information, Face Book , Apple etc are among such examples.Those were the people who were from middle class but worked hard to get information and plus use that information for the best of ALL...

    Take Care
    Well come back see you after long time , still in hybernation mode or wanted to engage in dog fight lol?
    Can it causes earth quakes..if yes then is it tested or not yet?
    Hi Steve , I heard that you are unhappy with a mod here as he slandered US. Is that right that you are not posting as a protest. Plz BTW post. I learned quite a things from you. Would be happy to read your comments .. !!!
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