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  • Lemme add. All that love for Pakistan changed to hatred the moment the first bullet was fired on our people night 25/26 March.
    It is frustrating to post with 140 character limit. Can you think of another mode?
    2.Unless the Junta were infiltrated by motivated elements and those who wanted to break the country,
    The flag, the name of the federation and membership in UN, etc would remain unaltered.
    That really boiled down to autonomy with foreign and defense remaining with the center.
    . However, the mass in BD were definitely not anti-Pak. BD people had voted AL to power on Six Points.
    1.Political parties had their agenda. ML and JeI were all Pak parties unlike PPP and AL
    Thank you. Ask your questions and I shall answer in due time. Right now I'd be busy.
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    Thanks sir, I would like more info on the role of Jamaat e Islami and the Islamic pro-Pakistan parties at the time. Did their members commit rapes and massacres on mass scale too? If not, what was their stance on these two things (rape and killing) which were happening during the war?
    I had failed to post a message to Apprentice. Possibly I cannot mange the system. Thanks.
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