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Whitest Brown Guy - Funny

Thats a good one

This one is the original tho

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ik some people like this 😂, they also claim they half Arab because they had a stop over in Dubai for a few hours!
On a lighter note, I came across this video and I thought you guys would find it funny.

Some think that I still dont understand is that how the comedian can do acting without loughing in the process, LOL :lol:

I watched liar liar some days ago and I cannot stop loughing as well :lol:
I think calling parents by their name itself should have been the mic drop :D :lol: really funny thanks for sharing
I always thought that this was an urban myth but one of my German classmates said that he calls his parents by their names. The other weird German habit is to tell your guests to go to another room while the family is having dinner. The last one I experienced myself...
Never understood why Gulfies are obsessed with whites, inferiority complex?

Hmm what makes you think we are? We’re not running away from our countries in droves in order to live in White countries while our highest aspiration is to obtain a western country citizenship?🤔
when i went to study in the UK, i tried doing some things the white peoples' way, like using toilet paper one time. my as* felt filthy. never again

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