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What's going to happen to Pakistan economy and exports!?


Apr 22, 2010
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I don't see a recovery possible

First we don't have confidence

Second even we get confidence back by some miracle we don't have capital

Third even if get capital we dont have time

Even we get all the above..we still have to face competition

The hard work done over last 3-4 years especially the COVID advantage which over exporters jumped upon is gone..

Pakistan is done when it comes to manufacturing


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We should forget exporting for now and focus on making new real estate projects. Do what we're good at.
Imports will come down gradually (no dollars) and as a result exports will come down as well (which it is).

Pakistan will become detached from global economy but it’s foreign debt will be a massive headache.

More Pakistanis will move towards black economy.

Unless there are drastic changes on the ground.
What Do You Mean Whats Going To Happen To Our Economy???It Has Already Been Destroyed By The Very Same Magician Who Brought It To Ruin From 2013 to 2017
Apna ugaoo, apna khaoo. Start farming to sustain yourself my friends. Back to Stone Age.

Electricity generation dips 4% in February as economic slowdown continues

  • China Power Hub Generation and Thar Energy Limited generated zero electricity during February due to coal import issues

Electricity generation in the country registered a 4% year-on-year decline, hitting 11,541 MW during February 2023, compared to 12,036 MW generated in February 2022.

The decline in the generation was owed to lower generation from furnace oil, which was down 80% YoY, as well as coal (-57% YoY), wind (-44% YoY), and gas (-7% YoY).

“This decline in power generation is triggered by the overall decline in economic activity across the country,” said Arif Habib Limited (AHL) in a report on Wednesday.

“China Power Hub Generation and Thar Energy Limited generated zero electricity during February 2023 due to the coal import issues and transmission constraints on the back of the delay in the second transmission line between Thar and Matiari Converter Station,” the brokerage house said.

During 8MFY23, power generation also decreased by 7.1% YoY to 84,840 GWh, compared to 91,281 GWh during 8MFY22.
Import restrictions:
Bannu Woollen Mills shuts production for 6 weeks..
Cites current economic situation and its effect on the ability of the banks to open LCs for import of raw materials as reason.
Looks like the fiscal situation will be coming to a head in the next quarter.

Pakistan to repay around $3bn in next quarter​

But IMF is saying 'No' with signals. Looks like they are certain there is going to be default and don't want IMF money paid off to creditors before default.

IMF demands another interest rate hike​


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