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US will be India’s best natural ally for 100 years : JP Morgan

It is interest of America for India to be weak and poor. If India gets stronger and asks for more it will cause trouble with US so US will make sure to keep India in its place nice and poor to satisfy the white house that the relationship power dynamics do not change. China was friend of USA and took down Soviet Union together but once China started getting rich and stronger, US got angry and didn't want any country to be close to them therefore China became an enemy.
Translation: india will be usa’s best slave for the next 100 years.

The Pakistani generals will soon find out the enormity of error in judgement. Pakistan won't even be playing second fiddle. LOL I love it how some Pakistanis have already started acknowledging how Pakistan went from some level of geopolitical importance to no importance. The Yanks did a Houdoni act with the generals LOL

Here you have US ally praising poodle India like the greatest thing since slice of bread LOL This is absolutely hilarious.
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