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Turkish Engine Programs

TEI, Delivered the 50th T700-TEI-701D Engine for Utility Helicopter​

These 50 engines are only enough for 25 helicopters. There is no problem for first 59 T70s anyway, they will definitely be produced. The deal was for a total of 109 T70 helicopters. The remaining 50 require re-approval from the USA Congress. A potential problem could be this for the remaining 50 T70 helicopters.

TEI will deliver 118 engines for 59 helicopters. Additional there are 12 spare engines, TEI must produce and deliver total 130 GE T700 engines. If it is re-approved by USA Congress, TEI will produce an additional about 100-120 engines.
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TF6000-TF10000 fans, real engine parts, before new year they will run TF6000

the most difficult part of the engine is ready for the people who don't undestand Turkish, the blisk and single crystal fan blades. He says next Teknofest in Izmir they will try to show the other part of the engine the skin part. End of the year they want to put it together and ignite/test the engine.
TEI TUSAŞ took delivery of the fan inner casing part (Fan Duct Inner Case) of the TEI-TF6000 turbofan engine, whose prototype production is continuing, which was designed and developed for the first time in our country and manufactured from composite material. The project was successfully completed in less than a year.

He says next Teknofest in Izmir they will try to show the other part of the engine the skin part.

When is the Teknofest in Izmir?
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TEI TF-6000 turbofan engine , first prototype

TEI TF-6000 turbofan engine , first prototype

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The only remaining major barrier for the Turkish defense industry. What I mean is, of course, not engine production, which we have been doing for years, but the transformation here is that it is now possible to utilize indigenous design capabilities in the most extreme end systems, like fighter jets.

With the TF10K, we are only a few years away from making this problem a thing of the past. Dozens of subsystem and metallurgical projects, production experience and infrastructure have borne fruit. The hard part of manufacturing is over, now we are just waiting to hear the engine sound, as Akşit hoca says.
TF6000 is planned to use ANKA-3 stealth bomber, with some extra this engine will turn into TF-10000 afterburner engine and that will be used on KIZILELMA

General Electric J85 2950 lb (without AB) , F5, T38
Lotarev DV-2 4850lb , L59 , Hongdu L-15, IL-108
Ivchenko Progress AI-222-25 , 5552,7 lb, Hongdu L-15, YAK-130
Honeywell/ITEC F124-GA-200 6250 lb (without AB) , Aermacchi M-346

TF-6000 probably will give more trust than the ones above because of newer tech applications.
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Once the TF 6/10K enters the production phase, the rest will fall into place. I expect TEI's TF series high bypass turbofan engine family to see the light of day very soon after this 6K/10K military engines. There is great potential on the commercial side and the company will not miss this opportunity. The first step was the most difficult. But the intensity of Turkish defense projects and the needs made it possible to cover the cost of the first step of the project while it was still a project.

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