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Tucker Carlson: Anger after Fox News host says British civilised India


Mughal emperor made Taj Mahal for his wife not India.

What Mughals did do for India was make roads, encourage transport by river, establish sea routes for trade, develop ports for trade, got rid of inland tolls and taxes, and hunt down dacoits and bandits that threatened trade routes.

They exponentially increased the wealth of Hindustan or modern day India by encouraging trade.

GT road goes from Kabul to Myanmar and was made under Muhgal rule to increase trade. They basically made the first highway.
Indian railways (which include Pak), Chandigarh and Islamabad architects, Delhi's still best planned and poshest area, the Lutyen's zone including our current (but soon to replaced Parliament) etc

Goras did some decent work around here.

Pagal ho gaye yaha ke leftists bc, dead Queen ko gaalia hi di jaa rahe.. tsk
Indian railways (which include Pak), Chandigarh and Islamabad architects, Delhi's still best planned and poshest area, the Lutyen's zone including our current (but soon to replaced Parliament) etc

Goras did some decent work around here.

Pagal ho gaye yaha ke leftists bc, dead Queen ko gaalia hi di jaa rahe.. tsk

Islamabad city designer was greek. @Foinikas might have a heart attack hearing this. :lol:
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Well, India and China were actually richer than England even in 1800s

This is per capita income data by economic historian Paul Bairoch

Also note that India's per capita income in 1947 was 8% lower than in 1757
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Thumbdowns for any chinese or pakistanis who side with the white men to trashtalk other Hindus.

Crab basket!
An American TV anchor is drawing the ire of Indians for suggesting that the British had civilised India.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News channel claimed that India had not produced any architectural marvels after British rule ended.

The anchor made the statement during a show on Queen Elizabeth II who died last week, aged 96.

His comments have been criticised as racist and uninformed by politicians, commentators and social media users.

They come at a time when the Queen's death has revived a sensitive debate about the empire's colonial past.

In recent days, a number of prominent writers and academicians across the world, including in India, have criticised the British monarchy which, they say, is yet to reckon with the indignities and brutality of the empire.

Mr Carlson sought to debunk this argument in his show last week, when he claimed that the British empire was "more than just genocide".

"Strong countries dominate weak countries. This trend hasn't changed," he said in a clip that has since gone viral on Twitter.

The anchor added that unlike the US, the English "took their colonial responsibility seriously" and ruled the world with "decency unmatched by any empire in human history".

"When the British pulled out of India, they left behind an entire civilisation, a language, a legal system, schools, churches and public buildings, all of which are still in use today," he said.

The anchor then tried to defend his position by giving the example of Victoria Terminus station - a sprawling Victorian structure of yellow sandstone, granite and blue-grey basalt in what was then the city of Bombay (now Mumbai) - which was built by the British in 1887 and renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CST) in 2016.

"After 75 years of independence, has [India] produced a single building as beautiful as the Bombay train station the British colonialists built? No sadly it has not, not one," Mr Carlson said.

His comments outraged many in India, including senior politicians like Shashi Tharoor of the main opposition Congress party.

"I think Twitter ought to have an option for something to press when you can't respond without losing your cool," Mr Tharoor tweeted with two angry emojis on Tuesday.

Another user said he found the claim "funny" as the most stunning buildings he had seen in India "weren't built by the British but by Indians themselves".

"That was before colonialism, when they could still afford to... Colonialism wrecked India, it didn't build it," he added.
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova also weighed in on the matter and said that Mr Carlson's "utter ignorance of history" was "quite staggering".

"Your racism is off the charts and your stupidity on this particular issue is of Olympic proportions!!!," she tweeted.

However, journalist Barkha Dutt said the controversy was blown out of proportion and called it a case of "needless obsession with the white man's orientalism".

"Amazed at how much time Indian media is willing to expend on a US anchor who wouldn't even notice if you commented on his nation," she added.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-62898655
Now gangus will be like: Friendship ended with american racists, european racists are our new friends.
I’m outraged too because that’s fucking bullshit. Bhartis are still uncivilized to this day.
I am outraged too, that we are still fighting after 75 years for a piece of land that given a chance will want to have nothing to do with both of us.

If we are civilized we would give peace a chance and not fight each other like dogs and cats.

We end up buying expensive weapons from the west at the cost of our own development. We should fight to eradicate poverty and unemployment. We should fight to end hunger and malnutrition. These issues are still a legacy of the coloniel past and if we have failed to overcome them, then they will have an excuse to say it is our fault.
As for Indians, uh, uh, wait for me to think about it…
They built and produced wonders like Dharavi and the Ganges. And as for Pakistan, we haven't done much if at all either.

British gave us many things , how to govern ,schools , civic governance, rails , roads , governance , infrastructure , democracy .
Lets see, their schools were built for the purpose of producing loyal servants that would serve the Brits, they built rails and roads for their own benefit as in to move their stuff around. And the rest are nothing compared to what they took away and the awful things they did to the world.
Not India, they did tremendous work to partially civilise Hindus but their effort crumbles now.

The race is not even in its infancy. As those old empires decline and decayed, replaced by others, so too is the current superpower's empire.

As we speak about the UK, well in about 5 generations it will be south Asian dominated in politics and many positions of power in corporate and industrial domains. UK is not the cockroach in this comparison. Nuclear war has not happened and cockroaches actually cannot survive nuclear winter and in fact any prolonged winter at all. Rats would be a more suitable metaphoric animal for this comparison... or indeed for this one in fact any currently living species since the others are extinct lol.

PRC took over from ROC which took over from Qing empire. India came out of British India which came out of Mughal empire. Turkey is the modern decendent of the Ottoman empire. The British are simultaneously sliding and being taken over by migrants and culturally changed. I would not consider it a thriving power at all actually far from unless one is a hardcore case of liberal type with the new progressive woke liberal type... by all means with those kinds, we both welcome UK becoming essentially South Asian and Islamic. At the very least it is becoming less capable of previous imperialism and for the price of its past imperialism, many of its victims have come "home" to roost.
Why this fake outrage when Indians know this is true?
Indians are increasingly pushed into situations where they have to fight for their dignity with their favorite people in the west.

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