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I hope Iran gives Pakistan the 2008 Mumbai treatment because I have no doubts the Murtads and their “enlighten moderation” bastards including few cheering this are in control of this Islamic nation and will now destabilize Iran and Afghanistan through KPK and Baluchistan.

Congrats, morons you’ve played yourself! Oppress your own while bowing your heads in front of the oppressors.

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Have some humility ffs - it's literally a single Pakistani Jew that sold some food to Israel

do you have "itachi" on your excel sheet?

pagan this, pagan that heh

I came across an extended thread full of that stuff by that guy some years ago.

Not sure about the alt-acct of a mod/advisor angle though.... but you have been watching it all in more detail than I have....shrug.
which one of us cannot read Urdu without using google translate?
I can’t read Urdu that’s correct.
Have some humility ffs - it's literally a single Pakistani Jew that sold some food to Israel
I noticed my mistake and later on wish him success. Hope he expands his business there. Good for him.

do you have "itachi" on your excel sheet?

pagan this, pagan that heh

I came across an extended thread full of that stuff by that guy some years ago.

Not sure about the alt-acct of a mod/advisor angle though.... but you have been watching it all in more detail than I have....shrug.
itachi is not one of the mods.

if this current one was not a mod I would have succeed in getting him deleted by now if not in the very first two weeks.

same phraseology
cannot read Urdu
is a monafeq professing to be pan-islamist then slips-up and goes on anti-sunni tirades
and much much more

I was reporting his posts like crazy until I got a friendly email to stop wasting time because it is an exercise in futility
ISPR troll farms are currently hyping up Billawal and calling Imran Khan a "Zionist agent"

Even Indian Army faced mutiny by Shabeg Singh, a major general, when the 1984 situation went on.....

With the LGBTQ, Gender Neutral/Fluid crowd narrative in force at White House, Bilawal is most relevant. Zionists don’t need any agents in Pakistan, their interests are well & truly secured by Company Bahadur, as long as Company Bahadur remains in charge of these provinces, they need not worry about anything.

As I said earlier, Pakistan Army is the best Army ever, any comparison with Indian army is an insult to this Glorious institution.

Export is least of anyone’s concern at this moment. Idher pori nao hi dob rahi hy
nothing wrong with trade
The currency they pay in is Palestinian baby bones.

This step looks like establishments last effort to regain support for its hybrid government right now .
I fail to see how they think this will play out with the public.
The only support they might regain is Murican.
Incase you havent noticed Insurgency in Kashmir is quite low since some time now. You rarely hear about something happening. Maybe a small incident here and there. Article 370 and Indias economic muscle bringing money into the valley has changed dynamics.
Insurgency is at an all time low because of the betrayal by Pakistan.
The remaining Kashmiri mujahideen are reorganizing with new tactics and new cause. Very soon independent Jihad will start in the valley. New independent groups have already started to form. It’s only a matter of time before they turn the valley into hell for occupiers.
Pakistan will be the biggest loser in this and Pakistan is working harder than india to stop this.
As long as there is a single Muslim alive in the valley there will be resistance.
No, they killed him and the ones who took over shifted its relationship to the US. India and Egypt were always close due to being allied with the Soviet Union. Both received massive military aid from the Soviets. Egypt shift sides in 1979.

So no problem with us trading with Israel. At least I see no problem.

End of Muslim ummah. Palestine is a lost cause now.

A cause that will succeed by some other means. If one learns from Taoist teachings.
Have some humility ffs - it's literally a single Pakistani Jew that sold some food to Israel
Did he gave food to poor Israeli orphans? No, he conducted trade. And you'd be wrong to think this guy is doing it by himself. This is just testing the waters, soon there'll be more.

What I fail to understand is Pakistanis who think Israel will hand over Qaroon's treasure once we start sucking up to them like we do everyone else already
The bigger enemy is the internal ones. This Hindu pagan said “Ummah Chummah.” That’s the favorite phrase for many folks here who put premium on their ethnicity over Islamic identity. Few of them here are cultural Muslim, and another was telling saying that Jesus is a good moral role model - not the Islamic version of him one but the western one.

The internals has to be taken care of first before you can deal with the outsiders.

One called me mental because I advocate Islamic solidarity. They then rant about well Arabs don’t help us in Kashmir so why would we help in Palestine. The same bastards sold out Kashmir to the pagans and then have nerves to talk down on Arabs lack of support of Kashmir.
Ummah isn’t dead. I’m Shia who fully supports all Islamic cause regardless of Sects. Kashmir, Xiajiang, Palestine are one the same for me.

Ask these bastards of “enlighten moderation” what has that brought you? Bombs and getting pushed around. You have foreign diplomats throwing LGBT parties where they molest the Pakistani citizens (Karachi), you have diplomats driving drunk and killing innocent bystanders in Islamabad. Where is the secular government of Pakistan in these cases?
I know when we flew over Iranian airspace, many wester women on my flight voluntarily put on head scarves. That’s what I want for Pakistan too. Unfortunately, it’s a rotten state with a rotten ideology current ruling it.
Pakistan’s only way to survive is an Islamic revolution.
These people who say Ummah is dead or Ummah Chummah, their number 1 beghairat who sold their deen. Some statements these libgandus make are border line kufr.
True Muslims of Pakistan need to give Dawah to them and stick together to protect them selves from liberal fitna. Us Muslims don’t care about this world. We can suffer poverty and be hated on that won’t affect us. We can keep giving our lives in Jihad against a much superior enemy and we won’t care. We will even fight while no one supports us we don’t care. That’s because we are here to Please Allah Azzawajal not west. We worship Allah and Allah alone. We don’t worship the Taghuts of the west so we don’t have any fear if the whole world goes against us.
Kill the traitors first before the outside enemy.
I’m Sunni and I endorse all Muslim unity for all who believe in Allah and believe in Rasulallah (ﷺ) and believe he (ﷺ) was the last prophet.
Our enemies are kuffar who occupy our land and humiliate us. We need to stop the infighting and take care of the real enemy first. Disputes happen and difference of opinion happens but that shouldn’t make us forget the real enemy. It’s like we’re all from the same house and live under one roof. Inside the house we may fight and have disagreements. But when it comes to outsiders we must all unite and fight them.
We Muslims have the help of Allah. We never lose hope.

In Sha Allah one day Pakistan will be an Islamic country.
Screwed up CPEC, screwed up the Iran gas pipeline, and now screwing over its own economy :lol:

I think Iran and Afghanistan will soon develop rapid trade, that's only if IEA is mature and foresighted enough to execute such a plan.
Meanwhile company seems content with the corn flakes market.
Id be more interested in Israeli agriculture + water desalitinzation technology more than anything else. Especially when wayer scarcity is at an all time high in pak and we have went from good exporters to importers.
This is the problem with Israel simps. If Pakistani wanted to implement all that technology, it could have gotten that from LITERALLY any advanced nation. You have the next superpower right on your border ffs.

Take a look at this gem.

"Pakistani mangoes, and oranges exported can make huge profit for us."
If you had any worth you'd have make huge profit from the rest of the world already.

I think I'm starting to understand why everybody hates the PDM government.
This is not even the in top 10 reasons. This news just came now.

The real reason is they don't represent the public. No one wants them in govt except the army because they can't afford IK getting into power.
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