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Pakistan should have good ties with Israel as long as its based on mutual respect. India has been allowed far too much diplomatic space to operate in and it must be narrowed from all angles.
Pakistan Israel ties will work only if Pakistan focuses on Pakistan and not on spiting the much larger neighbour. From the day Israel was formed the ties with India have been based on principle, trade and culture. If you view PAK-Israel ties as a any counter to that you’re DOA.
Defense of Pakistan lies in Kashmir.
Consensus even within Pakistan is that you have lost Kashmir and India has won (though the Indians have always dealt with it strictly as an internal matter). Better you focus on Pakistan and what’s left of it
same phraseology
cannot read Urdu
is a monafeq professing to be pan-islamist then slips-up and goes on anti-sunni tirades
and much much more
F**k do you care about Sunnis, Christian boy. You literally have a crusader cross in your avi. Keep reporting me. I enjoy your tears. They are succulent. I don’t shy away from my comments and how I feel. Lol can’t believe an idiot with a crusader cross in his avi is accusing me of being anti Sunni.

Pakistan is willing to trade with Yahudis but not Hindus right across the border ?
No one is willing to do anything moron. We don’t like you, Israelis are at least similar to us religiously, while you an inferiority stricken obsessive people obsessed with Pakistan. Case in point, your comment!
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This is the problem with Israel simps. If Pakistani wanted to implement all that technology, it could have gotten that from LITERALLY any advanced nation. You have the next superpower right on your border ffs.

Take a look at this gem.

"Pakistani mangoes, and oranges exported can make huge profit for us."
If you had any worth you'd have make huge profit from the rest of the world already.

This is not even the in top 10 reasons. This news just came now.

The real reason is they don't represent the public. No one wants them in govt except the army because they can't afford IK getting into power.

It is not as easy as sharing tech from a nation that speak english similar to majority of educated pakistanis. Just translating technical documents from Chinese into english/urdu would be a time consuming task.

Paks policy with regards to palestine/Israel has been a complete foreign policy failure (as have most other policies lol)
are you insane ? You are asking Iran to kill innocent people in Pakistan ...
My apology, I got caught in my feelings.

Iran isn’t any less corrupt. As long as you are with the regime, you are Gucci. Rest are waiting to get on next flight out of Iran to any western country.
Iranians might be corrupt but they didn’t let the US come and bomb it’s territories not they sold their citizens for $$$.

That’s the differences between the two.
Pakistan Amritsari Dalla Movement be like “iMrAn iS yAhoOdeE”
Pakistan Amritsari Dalla Movement also be like “Let’s trade with Israel”.

Faujeets all throughout the 80s and 90s were like “Vee are Islamic Republic”
Faujeets also be like “Vee support trade with Israel”

You couldn’t even make this up!

So what was wrong with Imran Khan forging ties with the Global South and steering Pakistan away from the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO)?

Rest assured this is how the Generals of this Northwestern Army truly are. They are living and breathing contradictions. Zia ul Haq‘s only mistake was that he spoke out loud what he was thinking and groomed to do.

All this has do with money…

When Islamism was in their favour, GHQ pushed it.
When Islamism isn’t in their favour, GHQ pushes it too.

The Israel Lobby is coming in hot knowing the current regime in power will sell their souls for a few dollars.

This isn’t a rant specifically about Israel….whether we should have relations or not, that’s a whole other debate and I’m open to having basic dialogue. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of the GHQ.
Yeah well abdul rehman pajeet is back now too. Goes to show something clear as day here in the end.

The report function just doesnt really matter, its like striking the lottery and the prize is some damp squib anyway when you do get lucky anyway. Not even going to try GHQ "on hold" stuff (an ex-member told me that used to work somewhat back in the day).

I reported one really terrible post (abusing Pakistan really badly) and it is STILL up there in full view.

Mods just dont care.
Oh, man. You haven't heard the half of it.

There is a really intellectually challenged chinese troll here. In one thread he got pissed by a Pakistani criticizing the CCP and started calling us all "dogs" and "beggars" . He made three posts like this. I quoted his posts and tagged a couple mods.

I come back a couple hours later and my posts tagging his posts is deleted and his offending posts are still up there in full display.

I never understood what happened there. Like even if it were a Chinese mod, I find it hard to believe any sensible person would delete my post and keep theirs.

It's best to simple put trolls on the ignore lists. Expecting anything from the mods is useless.

Pakistan is willing to trade with Yahudis but not Hindus right across the border ?
You lot are not ehl-e-kitab. (People of the book.) 😎
Pakistani army has ensalved Pakistanis to serve its masters, Napak army.

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