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Those who love the Army

This goes like that :
1) We are your shield against an aggressor. If that aggressor exists, then it's good, otherwise let's create it.
2) The aggressor is big, it has support from all around the globe, it's overpowering us, we need to do something that law does permit (silence from people, since the enemy is too powerful).
3) Now we are habitual of doing the things that law doesn't permit. We became rich, but hey, enemy is still too powerful. People at general are suffering but are silent, as enemy is too powerful and ready to eat the people.
4) Now we choose properties on roads, we snatch them, and we make no distinction that to which family they belong. People are realizing that enemy was never that powerful, and all that was a drama.
5) Now people are getting abused day and night, enemy is also not that powerful, but friends are everywhere and know everything about everyone.

This is the story of almost every such power who rose to power through propaganda.
@Jango explained well the budget and earningof military. These sources are somewhat open or say partially hidden. The other huge sources of income that are fully hidden, produce tens to hundreds of billions of rupees per day, yes thats billions per day. Daily 50K to 100K barrels of oil is smuggled into Pakistan and the smugglers are paid 5 Rs per litre, this oil is eventually sold at market price and we all know who gets the main chunk. The same goes for other border goods. Non custom paid cars keep increasing in areas where they r allowed and never a single smuggler caught smuggling cars, guess why. I know a dealer who gets 50 cars daily from a certain maj saab and pays him 2 laakh per car. If anyone of u have relatives in customs border, ask them about kapra trucks and how they come in and no one can ask, ofcourse every truck pays 150K Rs. Heck even afghan muhajirs coming to Pakistan pay to get in and then have to pay again to go out. Add smuggling of drugs and other stuff.
The funny part is these mofos keep hiding behind "martyrs" when they have actually never won a war and never liberated an inch of land lolz.

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