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The Pakistani State is Collapsing at a Very Fast Pace!

It is difficult to ascertain Pakistan’s future at this point. Collapse is a remote possibility but I would think the state will continue to be stunted and be on survival mode for a foreseeable future.

Just from the fact that there is no equilibrium between the powerful organs of the state. Pakistan has been relying too much on its military institution for its security and economic growth. In both instances the country has been failing badly.

The politicians are not the only ones who have monopoly on corruption. The Military Inc has been knee deep in corruption together in partnership with the politicians. The old mantra that politicians are to be squarely blamed does not stick.

Not to sound like a broken record, we have gone through the fiascos of 71, Siachen, WoT, terrorism, RCO which clearly points out that the military inc have not been doing their job apart from focusing their energy on their business interests.

Moving forward, there is only one solution. Accountability across the board. Everyone to submit to the rule of law.

What we see today is the outcome of decades of misadventures by politicians and especially the military inc. The corruption, rentier state mentality, strategic blunders, hybrid regimes, treatment of politics by Generals like a chessboard, RCO.
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