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Strategy of our great intelligence services to instill a sense of national pride

Our intelligence services ladies and gentlemen

Also recall the tweets of the 20 something year old PTI social media leads in Balochistan, who got picked up for 3 days and upon returning they conveniently write that they have resigned from their positions and have nothing to do with PTI anymore.

Sounds like something Indians would do. This 80/90s generation are retarded. I thought the 60/70s were bad. It keeps getting worse.

All those principles, steely focus and professionalism they learned from the British has just washed way into this Indian like degenerate behavior.
This ladies and gentlemen is how our law enforcement apparatus (civil and military) wants to win hearts and minds of the public. Is tarah log Bajwa sahab aur Asim sahab exhalted thy name ko pyar karain gay.

Lakh di lanat honestly.

And then we wonder why the Baloch and KP people were turning against our state by the droves. As IK quotes a Balochistan minister, aap aik banda uthatay hain aur martay hain. Woh agr dehshatgard na bhi ho, to woh jab wapis jata hai to dehshatgard ban jata hai aur poora gaon bhi mulk kay khilaf hota hai.

You think this person or his children or his family is now ever going to say any good words about the state of Pakistan?

Heard these stories about the Americans doing it to Afghans, or the Indians doing it to Kashmiris.

Before some shills come on here and say this is fraud, let's count a few of the incidents these past months:

1- A doctor picked up and beaten into a coma. His brother picked up, and his old father (a very respected medical professional, my family knew him personally through his profession as a teacher) dies and the son is still in a coma.
2- Zille Shah beaten and thrown on the road.
3- 12 year olds picked up and sent to jail
4- Cops picking up people from their homes, and if they are not present, picking up their kids and thrashing their homes.
5- Cops picking up lady doctor and the DC making her sign an affidavit under MPO to not go to the jalsa.
6- Azhar Mashwani nowhere to be found, without an FIR or court hearing.

I really want to know the end game of our powers to be. Is tarah tum log samajh rahay ho log mulk say pyar karna shuru kar dain gay? These aren't some low life scum, these aren't some uneducated people from far flung areas, but this is the middle class of Pakistan that you are alienating with these antics.
Seems dirty muneer and homo naseer are very fond of "golden showers"

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