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Sign this petition to kick out this rat from London !

As of 05:12 GMT 8332 signatures.. But nothing is going to happen. Why would the west/brits kick themself in the nuts.
It’s in the West interests to keep such a strategic country down. It’s agreed upon by all countries of the region from India to Saudi Arabia to UAE.
Please start thinking critically and in depth.
A rising Pakistan is bad for business literally and figuratively.
India has to divert resources to tackle it, the Middle East nations lose low income manpower and lucrative air routes (expats prefer Gulf airlines vs PIA).
A powerful Muslim country with nuclear weapons that’s not controlled assisting Muslims across the world regardless of sect is bad news for this current world order.
The more puppets they can support (GHQ, PML, PPP) the more chaos Pakistan will find itself in.
No stability - no development and we’re mired in this never ending charade.
I hope so, but unlikely.
The amount of signatures normally slows down at 18k due to lack of reach. In two weeks it could be 40k max
Don't loose hope. Allah is with us, the way Allah exposed these deep hidden crooks turned Pakistani people heart against these crooks. Allah is exposing them to the whole world, no one is giving them money nor even overseas Pakistani are sending any money. Inshallah good days are coming, you will see it getting to 100k inshallah....
BTW another 5000 added overnight from 8000 to 13000 now.

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