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Sign this petition to kick out this rat from London !

This is what the petition actually says, there is no mention of anyone being kicked out, given that a conviction by a Pakistani court is not valid in the UK:

We want the Government to identify and sanction any individuals from Pakistan, particularly politicians, that are involved in illegal activities, such as corruption or money laundering.

We want the Government to take immediate action by introducing sanction against any individuals from Pakistan guilty of illegal activities such as corruption and money laundering. It is widely reported that many individuals connected with Pakistan have obtained funds by illegal methods and invest it outside of their country, such as in the UK. The UK must not be a shelter for corrupt Pakistani politicians who flee to the UK, especially when they have been convicted by the courts of Pakistan.

At 10,000 signatures...​

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition

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At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

Signed it, hope the fat b@stard is kicked out.
It's Britain policy to let these money launderers from third world country to stash the illegal money in their country, the easiest FDI for them, jobs and business for the people of UK, no questions asked.

They actually encourages it.
if hes kicked out of UK, he will go to US.. The Shrek lookalike can buy citzenship in a number of countries...why bother.

Focus on addressing rogue Generals and taking power away from army. Nawaz and Zardari are byproduct of them
dont waste time nothing will happen
good luck with that! About 25% of british economy is based on crooks robbers oligarchs and fugitives taking shelter there with their ill gotten loot. The biggest money laundering center is London.
The Russian Oligarchs were dealt with when the system they propped up in Russia invaded Ukraine. For a British electorate that doesn’t want to see millions of migrants coming to their shores in an unchecked manner, keeping the Pakistani oligarchs that reside there in check and not destabilizing Pakistan is in Britain’s own interests, one would assume.

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