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‘Shockingly poor language’: PM Kakar pilloried over comparison of Pak-China ties to Israel-US ties


May 21, 2006
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‘Shockingly poor language’: PM Kakar pilloried over comparison of Pak-China ties to Israel-US ties

Dawn.com Published September 22, 2023 Updated 39 minutes ago

Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar was on Friday censured — mostly by PTI activists — for describing China’s strong ties to Pakistan by apparently referring to the US support enjoyed by Israel, terming them as “shockingly poor language”.
The social media criticism comes a day after the premier made the said comparison when speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations on his visit to the US to attend the 78th United Nations General Assembly.

In the interview (at 55:30), PM Kakar said, “Pakistan enjoys a strategic relationship with China. We are very clear that there are people who would qualify Pakistan as China’s Israel.
“It is probably a more good analogy for [the] American audience because you do understand and appreciate the value of Israel for the United States.”
He made the remarks in response to one of the questions from the attendees of the talk — “What the relationship is now between Pakistan and China?”
He then went on to highlight how both neighbours “have a lot in common in terms of the emergent crises within the region” and “commonalities on certain issues”, citing the One-China policy and China’s stance on Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang issues.
As some have pointed out, the statement could be a possible reference to Chinese General Xiong Guangkai’s quote cited in the introduction of Andrew Small’s The China Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics.


PTI ex-MPA Taimur Khan Jhagra asked in a post on X (formerly Twitter): “Why would I want my country to be like ‘China’s Israel’? Why can we not just define Pakistan as Pakistan itself, and make it a prosperous example for the world to follow?”

“Shockingly poor language to compare Pakistan with an apartheid state [that] Pakistan doesn’t recognise,” he added.
PTI’s Faisal Amin Khan, brother of party leader Ali Amin Gandapur, said, “Comparing your country to a bully like Israel isn’t very smart.”
Pointing out the possible reference to Small’s book, he said it seemed like the prime minister read the book “on his way to New York”.

Simplifying PM Kakar’s remarks, PTI activist Virk Shahzaib posted on his X account, “The caretaker PM believes Pakistan is China’s Israel… He claims Pakistan is to China what Israel is to the US.

“To use any analogy that compares Pakistan and Israel is beyond condemnable and not understandable for any point of view,” he asserted.
Absconding PTI leader Hammad Azhar demanded that the premier apologise and “take back his words”, adding, “To compare Pakistan with Israel that established itself by forcibly taking possession of another peoples’ land and sustained itself through nothing other than oppression and violence is an insult.”
Meanwhile, journalists and lawyers also chimed in on the ongoing discourse.
Dawn’s US correspondent Anwar Iqbal asked on X: “What does he want to say?”

DawnNewsTV host Adil Shahzeb, while using the original quote from the book, expressed surprise at PM Kakar’s words.

Supreme Court lawyer Zahid F. Ebrahim said, “I did not expect better from Mr. Kakar. But, I did expect better from [Foreign Minister] Jalil [Abbas] Jilani.
“The caretaker FM (foreign minister) should have vigorously opposed this outrageously wasteful foreign jaunt by a caretaker PM,” he wrote.

Another lawyer, Dr Alizaan, clarified, “He is not talking about the responsibility of any state (Israel or Pakistan); rather, he is trying to establish that just as Israel is a blue-eyed child to the US, Pakistan is to China.”
Obviously Kakar is young and inexperienced and not well schooled in Political Correctness. It is one thing to think of something and another to blurt it out loud.
An absolute crisis here!
Everything must be really great and boring in Pakistan. People happy and content. Nothing else of concern. Must be a very slow news day.🙄
And Bajwa had a problem with Imran Khan talking off the cuff and not preparing speeches.

Also, this guy is enjoying high end NYC restaurants with his whole family on tax payer money.

Sahi looto mulk ko.

I thought he was supposed to care about our situation because he was from a 'chota sooba'.

This guy has to be the most embarrasing caretaker PM ever.
Responding to a question on whether there was any silver lining in Pakistan’s relationship with the Afghan Taliban regime, he referred to post-war US-Japan relations. “And after Pearl Harbour, the kind of relation US and Japan enjoys does give me reason for all the silver linings and being hopeful.”

There were more pearls of wisdom as he elaborated: “And when I think about the German occupancy of Eastern Europe, and then its western neighbourhood also, and when I see EU as a bloc, it multiplies and amplifies my silver lining.”

All that leaves one wondering whether he even understood the discourse. Comparing the border tension with Afghanistan with the World War II situation in Europe shocked the audience.
Everybody knows this folk is a "need to know" puppet. Anyway, even if Pak-China = 10% of USA-Israil then it's enough to keep the Indian strategists on their toes. Serious Indian analysts, not RSS/BJP/Hindutva type, basically endorse this view....
lol Israel owns the US, or their lobbies do. I dont see a Pakistni as chairman of the federal reserve equivilent in China. This is just silly.
A joint selection of Establishment and PMLN... Kakar is member of BAP party Baluchistan and per master's order, they going to merge in PMLN. To make new govt in coming elections.

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