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Saudi Arabia invites ‘Nawaz Sharif, PM Shehbaz for Umrah’

The bastard just doesn't die. I hope he chokes some day on food.

My father always told me God purposely extends the life of zalim and kameena people.

Agree - the recent thaw between Iran and Saudia Arabia at the behest of China tells you that things are changing, of course third grade matriculate failures in GHQ cannot see that and they are more interested in handouts from Uncle Sam to fund their property portfolios than making the correct strategic decisions for Pakistan.

I mentioned this 2-3 years ago, and @JamD is known to say that Pakistan's utility will be no more in China's eyes. China will support us and KSA but not at the level FA pass generals think.
China is heavily pumping Iran with money and soon with arms. They do not see a trustworthy partner in Pakistan, as recent events have solidified their view, and Bajwa's speech during the Security Form wasn't read in good light regarding his comments.
Why defile the holiest of places with the chief shaytan of Pakistan

Haram's money is seen not only in accents, but also the face ...

Mujay thoko

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