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BTW, this is a TERRIFIC article on the design concepts of the Su-75 Checkmate. Captivating section is how they figured the lack of horizontal stabilizers and how only having all-moveable canted ruddervaters were more than adequate to not only control the pitch & yaw & roll, but how the lack of H-stabs also reduces the aircraft's RCS plus helps its drag coefficient which then increases its fuel efficiency. Some great stuff if you're interested in those technical aspects.

Even though this is CGI, it made me go back and look a lot more closely at the actual photos of the unveiling and my speculations that this is possibly a divertless intake design but was hard to tell. There were no clear & visible signs of the typical bulbous protrusion in the fuselage right at the intake opening but looking at this pic you can sort of see those bulbous protrusion that are ever so discrete. And it has to since it didn't have any obvious boundary layer channels except the splitter plates on the bottom middle of the intake and their escape air opening in the outside of the intakes which might also make sense as to why the bulbous protrusions are mild and not so visible. They might've found a way that combines both designs to deal with the shockwave air at supersonic speeds. Should be fun to see it fly.


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