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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

Russian air Forces. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.26

The Russian army controls the terrible "Azum" factory and RU offensive in Zaporizhia, Slavianesk and Kramatosk,,destroying most Ammunition depots and groupings of the AFU with Russian fighter planes and missiles..Slavianesk and Kramatosk are considered very important logistic hubs to the AFU..meaning most Western weapon systems coming through Poland are stocked there in preparation for an offensive..

Note: Ukraine had around 2500 tanks before the SMO..and Russia has destroyed more than 7000 tanks up til now! So apparently most of the former Eastern block countries' soviet tanks have been destroyed in Ukraine..no wonder Europe and the US have decided to send their old tanks now..

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At this point the battle will be decided in Bakhmut, kramatorsk and slovansk.. All of Ukraines forces once defeated there it could be over as Ukraine may not have anything left to protect other places..

Zelensky is being bullish about Bakhmut but also Ukraines best forces and over 50% of its forces were located anyways in that sector since 2015 facing of the rebels..

@jhungary what is your take on this

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