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Russia official warns countries supplying Ukraine with more powerful weapons risk their own destruction

Iran and North Korea seem to have more balls at this point.
Again, you guys seem to be using emotions and feelings rather than rational thinking. Do you think that you are better/smatter than CCP leaders? Why dont you ask yourselves why China has categorically refused to publicly back Russias illegal invasion of a sovereign country(that Russia itself recognises as independent)?
Chinese leaders dont want to be seen by their neighbours in Asia first and foremost as an expansionist imperial power(which is what they have always criticised and stood against) by militarily supporting Russia(who is one and has always been one) thereby putting all their neighbourson edge and even making them band together and ally with the US for protection. Secondly, CCP doesn't want to encur even more severe US/Western sanctions on its economy/industry and trade, thereby disrupting its economic growth and wealth of its citizens, and also stopping western investment , JV and technology from China. In short, China has everything to lose and almost zero to gain from such a move(apart from getting Russian symbolic gratitude. Lol ). As this will make even those European powers and Asian countries(Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc) who are on neutral, friendly or normal terms with China to have no choice than to join the US in those sanctions. Etc taking all this into consideration, Only a foolish emotional ideological leader will make such a decision. Moreover, China is benefitting from Russia's being diminished and thus relying on China even more going forward. In short, the balance of power will tip even more in China's favour than it is already, since believe me Russia will come out of this war very diminished and shadow of its already weaker self. This will afford China even cheaper oil from Russia, as Russia will basically be relying on them for everything economically going forward like North Korea today. So China's position makes sense, and is actually the same decision that i would have made.

As for you point about Iran and North Korea having more balls than China beacause they are the only countries to have provided arm sales to help a struggling Russia, then I can only say you don't seem to ask yourself why they are the only country to supply arms to Russia. Both countries are under sanctions and isolation for a long time now and their economy has being stagnant for a while and isolated from global trade and foreign investment is very limited/insignificant(in Iran's case) or non existent (in North Korea's case). So they have nothing much to lose to be honest(if anything they can gain one useful ally in Russia and make some cash by arms sales). By contrast, China being the world's largest trading nation, has basically everything to lose as it will have far more impact on its economy than Iran and North Korea who are isolated and barely have any worthwhile world trade.
Even so, Iran still hasnt come out to publicly back Russia's invasion, and they have refused to officially recognised their weapon sales (instead maintaining tactical silence). For North Korea with its starving/poor population, they are far more crazy and ideological than eventhe Mullahs of Iran, so they dont care to publicly support anything they want, irregardless of consequences. They are more crazy. Lol
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