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PTI Haqeeqi Azadi March Oct 2022 - News and Updates

Bhai yeh baatein purani ho gyein hain Khota Biryani etc.
ISI aur PA k officers ko galiyan deny wala kabi leader nahi ho skta sirf Ghaddar ho skta ha.
Exactly have u listened to Any of Nawaz and Zardari's speeches/interviews? If not try YouTube you will be satisfied.
The neutrals can’t come to a deal with Imran Khan.

Free & Fair elections - This would mean a true representative of the public and more importantly a civilian who can’t be controlled by the establishment.

Accountability - No way either. If an honest person is at the helm how would the establishment blackmail him/her. More importantly, he will refuse to turn a blind eye on establishment’s corruption and its side dealings (NROx) with the politicians.

Institutions to operate within their constitutional limits - This would mean death to the establishment in current form. No doubling as foreign minister, election chief, health minister, finance minister, PEMRA etc etc.

So you see, the establishment’s interests are in direct conflict with the interests of Pakistan. If Imran Khan makes a deal with the establishment on these points, the Pakistanis will never forgive him.
This is how Dunya News is doing propaganda, in the caption it is written that long march reach shadra and saying how many people are present by showing drone short, where in fact these people are gathering to welcome the long march which will arrive there.
I also saw a news headline of Dunya news in which they were deliberately showing some wrong clips of Long march with few people along with IK speech to give an impression that only few people are present.
Shame on this corrupt media.
Every time a politician or civilian backed leader does constructive criticism, it gets labelled traitor instead of establishment doing introspection of what caused that particular political leader to raise such concern.
At least that Power now has been taken from them. Now only the people will decide whose a traitor and whose a Patriot. Right now the vast majority of nation sees Army Leadership as the biggest traitors of our time. There is no coming back from this.

but didnt IK come to Power himself with the support of the same Establishment he is now supposedly fighting against?

This is such a distorted statement that many people ask / say.

In reality the fact is, establishment stopped him from making government initially in 2013, and then in 2018 he was only allowed a thin majority that they could control and use to put pressure on him. This is the only favor Establishment did to him. Otherwise this may very well be true that he had won the 2013 and then 2018 by a vast clear majority.

So yes he came to power with support of Establishment … I hope you realize how establishment has been playing this game to their and their benefit only … but unfortunate for them no system built of corrupt practices no matter how well intended it is lasts for ever.

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