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PTI announces ‘historic public rally’ in Lahore

I can't say anything about this survey...but in my village of about 350 people, most of them uneducated, almost 300 support PTI.

In my extended family of around 50 people (not counting second cousins or abu kay cousins), only 1 supports PML. 1 does not like IK but does not support PML either. Rest are all PTI.
I beg to differ here "It's 2023 and situation is becoming clearer. DHA Elite is mostly against Khan protecting Status Quo".

Even DHA elite is backing IK. No one likes current GHQ leadership in militarily circle. Many Rtd Generals have been asked to remain silent since last year but they will speak through votes.
Lower Middle class and poor class is already fed up of the inflation which has been caused by this PDM tola and their handlers so either they won't vote as a protest, may vote for PTI only. Traditionally this portion of voters have been PMLN supporters over the years.

One more thing, as per latest news, PMLN and PPP will stand their own candidates for every constituency meaning it won't be PTI vs PDM. This will help PTI as PPP and PMLN may end up cutting down each other votes.

Keeping all such scenarios in mind, no wonder PDM and their handlers are running away from the elections.

Since IK security is vulnerable and he can be subjected for an arrest any time, I will suggest IK to only conduct julsas/rallies on places where PTI won or lost by a thin margin since these seats will be the decisive factor for e.g. Sialkot region. Wave is with PTI so places where PTI won by over 10,000 votes in 2018, do not need election campaigning as they will be secured by PTI local leaders anyways. Only concentrate on the tight spots.
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