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PPP Health minister claims Imran’s mental stability is ‘questionable’

Then who is nawaz? shobaz? mariam? bilawal? ya fazlu ka baita?
They are what you call the enemy. If Imran khan is stupid enough to renew the extension and allow Nawaz, in jail, to scot free, then who is to be blame. Only the stupid man expecting the snake not to be snake.
fools nightmare is as fool as Qadir patel who believes this idiotic, baseless and illogical medical report where it denies everything within whatever the contents said the matter and conclusion totally defy each other. This is what happens when you have a jahil don from liyari sitting as an education minister.
Phelay kaha bachay baz hy, phir kaha zani hy, phir kaha corrupt hy, ub kahno nashai hy.
1. Bacha Baz? No, I haven't heard any such rumors.

2. Zani? Probably.

3. Corrupt? Anyone who's looked into the Al-Qadir Trust scandal can't call him 'sadiq aur ameen' with a straight face. And then there's the missus Bushran and her associate Gogi.

4. All of them are nashai, man. Hard drugs are a different story. And all I said is that he does indeed looks like a junkie.
Up next, IK has a wounded leg. He got shot. Therefore he has bad character.
key in Red Zone ....


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