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Poll: General Bajwa's Future

What do you think is the future of General Bajwa?

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Let the poor fellow fade away into oblivion. His greatest crime seems to be he refused to jump into the sewage pond of Pakistani politics and swim with the pigs. For this, he is being scapegoated as a traitor. With no evidence, at all. Whereas the man-child who lies through his teeth and is willing to do anything to get back to power is hailed as the second coming of the Christ.
Hopefully positive, considering points below:

1. Pakistan’s relations with China have deepened over the years, as Pakistan Army foiled many plans by enemies to sabotage the CPEC project. Chinese Minister for National Defence General Wei Fenghe acknowledged and appreciated Pakistan Army’s sincere efforts for regional peace and the secure environment provided to CPEC projects.

2. When the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in March 2020, the NCOC was established to leverage the combined resources of the civil and military apparatus. COVID-19 exposed the terrible state of the health sector but the NCOC managed to prop up competent systems to cope with the emergency. COVID testing labs were established at major military hospitals across the country, with a central facility set up in Rawalpindi. Pakistan Army stepped in for the support of police and LEAs in the implementation of the COVID SOPs laid down by the NCOC and Ministry of Interior.

4. The military leadership was also pivotal in strengthening relations with Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK and Europe, which brought in much-needed foreign exchange to the country. The military leadership also made important contributions in securing loans from the IMF, Saudi Arabia and gas contracts with Qatar.

7. Pakistan Army also contributed Rs28 billion in fiscal year 2020/21 as direct taxes to the government exchequer. Fauji Group is among the country’s highest taxpayers, with Rs 150 billion paid to the national exchequer in taxes, duties and levies in fiscal year 2020/21.

8. Pakistan also made unprecedented progress in FATF action plans during General Bajwa’s tenure. Pakistan was moved out of the grey list due to the proactive measures taken by the military leadership addressing various legal, financial and terrorism issues through enactment of laws pertaining to money laundering, foreign exchange regulation and anti-terrorism.

Others include- Karkey Karadeniz Electrik Uterim dispute settlement counts among the best examples of Pakistan Army’s efforts for the economic welfare of Pakistan. The Pakistan Army was also actively engaged in the country’s fight against locusts through the establishment of the National Locust Control Center (NLCC) as well as flooding crisis.

Due to COAS, Pakistan was saved from a $11 billion penalty in the Reko Diq case and a new project aimed at excavating gold and copper reserves from Balochistan was reconstituted.

And this ladies and gentlemen is a short summary of what is wrong with this country.

You encroach upon the space of others, don't let them do their job, and then take the plaudits through a post such as this. To quote the late Arshad Sharif's words...'Bajwa Doctrine'.

P.S. For the COVID point, I am pretty sure CMH and MH (at least of Pindi) were not taking civilian patients, and neither were they conducting civilian tests. All of those were routed through PIMS and other govt facilities to NIH.

Not to deny the role of the military in helping to contain the pandemic. I recall there was a Major sahab of a hisas idara sitting in the COVID ward of PIMS, jin ki duty bas yeh hoti thi keh har naye patients ki personal details nikalni hain, and then trace their whereabouts over the past 2-3 days and also keep track of all those he interacted with. But chalking it all down to Mr Bajwa or the military would be a bit dishonest. The military provided the execution, the strategy came from a collective, civilian led effort.
With the national mood towards Bajwa, 3/10 is being very lenient.

Don’t want to delve into too much detail of RCO, the aftermath and the beating the institution has taken, Bajwa is easily a net negative.

As for some people naivety in saying he wasn’t involved in politics, may God help them.
I think not just the nation but the army itself maybe is waiting for 30 Nov. The Irreparable damage done to the Army's repute and all interference in govts exposed. Pakistan needs to develop some accountability mechanism in the army itself which can held even the chief responsible, you cannot let anyone above law.

As far as the pole is concerned, perhaps he will stay in Pakistan and Army may protect him (only if there is prior understanding between him and the new chief ). Belgium or anywhere else may be postponed because overseas Pakistanis are very angry. We are everywhere. If Pakistanis can do protests in front of Mayfair apartments then they can do anywhere. Establishment removing PMLN / PPP in past still roaming around the world was practical but removing IK and not feeling the heat is not possible.
Face first - dead in a ditch i hope ?? That has to be an option aswell otherwise i cannot vote in the poll.

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