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Police Training Centre Attacked in Quetta - Operated from Afghanistan - 51 cadets dead, 97 injured

4 injured are no longer in danger of their lives.

Don't know about the rest.

According to dunya.
How difficult it is to defend a police training center which is also an obvious target of terrorists??

When you are focused more on Islamabad dharna, LoC situation, Afghan border, indeed you are risking to ignore other areas. In my opinion this is the weak point which we still failed to overcome
no firing heard from inside the hostles for 15-20 minutes :Ary news.Allah Khair karey.Ameen.
no need to put a positive spin on this. This is a grave situation. And the fact that this is happening after so many attacks on the military and police bases tells you that those in charge of security have taken the same Pakistani relaxed attitude of "dekha jaye ga" "kal ker lein ge" "Koi Farq nehi parta".

We can only hope the terrorist don't slaughter the police and the cadets inside. After all, that's all Pakistanis CAN do. We have sworn to never be prepared. Even when a calamity is foretold. Just like this one was in "Intel reports".

Reports were of a possible attack but wasn't specific of such this or that target. However, attackers stormed into training center and almost breached from different points.

They entered into hostel which is filled with cadets/trainees. 14 injured moved till now and only hope is there that damage may be less. Firing stopped since 25 minutes and as per sources, forces have entered to clear the building/hostel one by one for any hidden attacker. News are only shared as told to outside reporters.
Fire brigade as dasti bombs caused some fire.

5 fire brigade cars here and High officials are present there over looking the operation.

According to geo.
I am afraid we have a hostage situation to tackle.

Emmie we are caught sleeping once again. NS govt is lame duck engaging and dragging Army in political mud for own benefits harming the national interests. They failed to assess the situation you cannot stretch army to war zones as well as political zone at the same time.
Allah Karam karay. Expect 70-80 Shaheed atleast. I pray I am wrong.

The administration of such institutes are very incompetent. I remember when there were numerous suicide attacks near Army Medical College rwp, parade lane, two RA bazar, 1 Qasim market, one on AMC bus and Surgeon General, the security of AM College hostel was still one/two Askari guards with shotguns! Even after a lot of hue and cry they equipped AMC jawans who had probably fired 12 bullets whole their life with MP5 and two mags with no body armour or even
helmets. That is the state of affairs.
2 Injured have serious injuries with bullets on stomachs and are undergoing operation.

Many are Injured in hands and legs.

Some injured due to jumping from height to escape.

According to geo
The terrorists entered the hostel of the police training center located on Sariab Road and opened indiscriminate fire on cadets and police personnel, leaving at least 12 of them injured.

Area residents claim hearing two blasts from within the center.

Inter Services Public Relations later confirmed that five to six attackers have entered the police training center while army and FC personnel have reached the spot to counter the threat. An operation has been started.

A FC personnel was also reported injured, taking the number of injured victims to 13. The injured were moved to Civil Hospital for medical treatment.

Provincial health department imposed emergency in all the hospitals across the city and cancelled leaves of doctors.
Balochistan Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti, while talking to media, claimed that the training center housing police cadets had adequate security and an alert was issued about presence of terrorists within the city three, four days ago.

He maintained that a security operation is underway , five people are injured while no loss of life has been reported.


ARY News correspondent Shahid Rind claimed that the firing has stopped inside the training center but security sources are still inside to make sure no cadets or policemen have been taken hostage by the terrorists.

A rescue operation is about to start.
When you are focused more on Islamabad dharna, LoC situation, Afghan border, indeed you are risking to ignore other areas. In my opinion this is the weak point which we still failed to overcome

You really think this dharna, LOC situation, Afghan border, global warming, Pak vs WI test series and anything else are some kind of excuses for our failure to defend such an obvious target??

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