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Police Training Centre Attacked in Quetta - Operated from Afghanistan - 51 cadets dead, 97 injured

And nawaz roo... Earlier..i used to call them conspiracy theories, too..but now this pattern is extremely strange and repititive..now you can not just brush them off as conspiracy theories... Everytime Nawaz Sharif is in danger, something bad happens..to divert attention....

Yaar cut this crap. Please for God's sake Cut this crap.

We are in a war. We have been fighting this war long before Nawaz came into charge. Stop this crap. Please. We can discuss this later when operation is ended.
Hope everyone is safe, inside the centre..and terrorists are killed as soon as possible
It sounds like a siege. I hope special ops and regular army are there. These TTP pieces of sh*t are hell bent on soft targets now.
Yaar cut this crap. Please for God's sake Cut this crap.

We are in a war. We have been fighting this war long before Nawaz came into charge. Stop this crap. Please. We can discuss this later when operation is ended.

I hope too, tht this operation ends as soon as possible... Trust me, even , i didnt enjoy writing this...but its all too strange... But anyways ..leave it..

You are right... Maybe i should have waited for this operation to end...and then talked abt it...sorry for tht
so far 7 people have been taken to hospital

the attackers are unknown and are tying to cause maximum casualties

Quetta is under attack .. it started with the attack on Hazara.. then went to random attacks on FC and polcie personal and now attack on the police centre

Police training center is not a soft target.

Our traditional ignorance and careless attitude might have made it a soft target.

In comparison to a military installation it is. But yes, carelessness has led the country to this.
At least seven policemen have been injured in an attack on the police training centre situated on Saryab road in Quetta, late on Monday.

Between five to six terrorists have attacked the police training centre, Pakistan Army and Frontier Constabulary troops have arrived on the site, said a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

What we know so far
  • Five to six attackers initiated the assault at 11:30pm
  • At least seven policemen injured
  • Operation underway, training centre cordoned
  • Army and FC forces at the scene
  • Emergency declared in hospital
The attackers entered the complex through the front gate and the attack started at 11:30pm.

The attackers have reportedly taken police personnel hostage. Around 500 cadets are said to be present in the centre's hostel.

Balochistan's Home Minister Mir Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti confirmed that terrorists have attacked the training centre.

“Our security forces have the capability to combat such attacks and threats,” said the home minister.

He added that that recently there were 700 cadets present, but a batch passed out a few days ago.

“As of now, I do not have a confirmed figure on cadets present inside the centre.”

Senior law enforcement and army officials are present at the scene and are overseeing the operation.

Extra contingents of security forces have been deployed at the spot and a cordon has been established.
Security forces and the attackers are exchanging fire. Gunfire and explosions can be heard from inside the centre.

An emergency has been declared in all government hospitals of the provincial capital, with the injured shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta and the Bolan Medical Complex.

The situation was tense in the area and people remained confined to their houses.

Militants have conducted attacks against security forces and national installations in Balochistan, which has been plagued by an insurgency and growing sectarian killings for more than a decade.
I hope it doesn't end up in a hostage situation, I really hope.
@Irfan Baloch

These types of large scale operations by militants are almost always carried out by inside help in one form or another. I wonder how deep does this infiltration goes in our state and what steps have been taken by the relevant departments regarding this issue?
SSG are already there, Zarar About to reach, lets hope for the best... however be prepared for high causalities ...

If we are to be prepared for high casualties then what is the point of all this operation??

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