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Pervaiz Elahi defrauded PDM (PMLN, PPP) blames Rana Sanaullah Khan & Atta Tarar - Wins Punjab Confidence Vote | PDM Ditched | PPP, PMLN in shock

Just to mention, the interior minister of this country, who has the FIA, IB, and other federal agencies under him, said that he can prove with geofencing that 12 members of the PA can in no way reach the PA in time as they are out of country or unavailable.

Yeh to haal hai interior minister ka.
Is it me or most of the political turmoil surfaces from the Punjab assembly?

Can we break the province into atleast 2-3 units.

If we are going by global averages of administrative units (i.e., how many people in the top most administrative unit under the federation), it needs to be MUCH more than 2-3 units. Just look at our neighbors. Even Iran and Afghanistan, with significantly less populations, have A LOT more provinces. US states, French 'regions,' etc.
یہ وہ دلے ہیں جو اپنی ماں بہن بھی نازے کے ساتھ سلا سکتے ہیں ۔ سیاست دان تو یہ ہیں ہی نہیں یہ تو بس دلال ہیں یار ۔ بہت ساری سیاسی پارٹیوں نے کنجریاں دلے نوک چاکر نرسیں چھوڑ رکھی ہیں بھونکنے کے لیے کیونکہ اگر خود بھونکیں تو گلے کا آپریشن کرنا پڑتا ہے
the biggest fallacy in mian nawaz's politics are the qaseeda khawan like him that surround mian nawaz.

that's why mian often says that mian get the push to go ahead with silly decisions and these qaseeda khawan back off and strike deals with establishment.

BUT still mian takes these qaseeda khawan back and does another round.

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