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PDM calls off anti-CJP sit-in outside Supreme Court

Their leaders are also "Baahir" . Nawaz sharif couldn't sleep while IK was in custody as large crowd surrounded hid residence.
Whatever happens to IK may also happen to their leaders abroad
chacha ... ya kahan ki pictuer laga di...............lolllllllll
The type of behavior we'd see in a poor war ridden African country. Shit, at this point African countries are forging ahead of Pakistan in terms of progress.

A government protesting itself, what a circus show.
He is calling America ... My Lord !!

By launching these monkey mullah bots at their own country's supreme court of pakistan to threaten the judges, what message are they sending to the world??

These rulers and military generals have completely lost it.
A government protesting itself, what a circus show.

The bigger joke was a N league minister in a press conference saying that they are negotiating to call off the protest, while their own leader and their own party members were travelling to Islamabad for the protest.

An even bigger joke was when the interior minister in the very next sentence said that all of us jointly decided the venue.

Govt asking the govt to not protest in front of the SC.

Pata nhn yeh hamain itna chuttu samajhtay hain ya koi aur chakkar hai

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