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PDM backed care taker gov and institutions blocked whole Lahore to stop entry in imran khan jalsa

30 billion dollars... Jis ke baghair tum yahan yeh comment nahi likh saktay... Afsos
Government ko nahi bhejte yeh paise expats, apne ghar walon ko bhejte ho kisi per ehsaan nahi ker rahe! Don't act like you matter mate; expats all over the world send money to support their families and not for the love of their countries, especially Pakistani expats otherwise many would not be using Hundi/Hawala and sending through banking channels. If your lot had no family back home, would any of you bother sending money back home? Whatever you do, you do it for yourself and not for Pakistan so exit the grandeur as soon as possible.

P.S. Now it is close to 22 Billion, trailing close behind Bangladesh!!
3.5 million people are on the streets in France. Only 500k are required in Pakistan. Lekin nahi.......... Sab ne jalsa YouTube pe dekhna hai.

O Bhai, we are overseas Pakistanis, many of us are dual nationals, we have everything Alhamdolillah. It is you whose rights are being usurped. It is you who are queuing for one bag of flour. It is you who are being raided, abducted, and killed left and right, and still you are sitting in the comfort of you homes? What kind of people are you?

Have never seen a more coward nation than this one. Even Sri Lankans are better. FU
The 3.5% rule, which in Pakistan’s case would mean at least 8 million people is probably what the PTI will need at a minimum to get out on to the streets or carrying out strikes and similar methods in a sustained way. Party’s middle and lower workers will have to motivate people to come out and participate.

French protests seems to have reached 5% population participation, and the movement seems to have been going on for over a year. If it keeps going at this point for more months, it’s likely Macron will have to concede to the demonstrators.

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At ease ...down to earth .

Government ko nahi bhejte yeh paise expats, apne ghar walon ko bhejte ho kisi per ehsaan nahi ker rahe!
Lol. Haven't read after that. I knew you would say that just like all other supporters of ghunda league.

For your kind information, even the money received by the exporters is not for the government :cheesy:

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