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Pakistan should allocate funds to procure atleast 50+ burraq 2s. Thid would allow local indsutry to be funded to reinvest into more R&D.

The next step in UCAV development involves unmanned fighter jets. We could leverage out homegrown Burraqs & jf17s to start development work in this field. Even if it takes 5-10 years we would have a huge competitive advantage and be able to compete with Turkish, Israeli, and south korean systems in 15-20 years.

Right now we must work with what we have in homegrown industries. Id rather take the route of investing 80% of funds into homegrown industries even if quality wise it suffers. It will help build our industries long term and employee thousands of engineers and scientist.
TB 2 drones will have follow on order for TB 3 Heavy weight drones in future from paf

But than Ukrainian army using them too
The Baykar TB3 was designed from the very beginning to be navalized to take off from drone hive ships (TCG Anadolu) or aircraft carriers (USN Nimitz). TB3 can be controlled via SATCOM. Wings can be folded. TB3 can take off from very short distances. Landing gear is suitable for hard landings etc.

TB3 is a much more expensive drone than the TB2 due to its design features. IMO The Baykar TB3 is even more expensive than the TAI Anka. Therefore, if Pakistan is going to replace TB2, it will not be TB3, but Anka.
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