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Pakistan On The Verge Of Inflationary Collapse - Pleads For Larger IMF Bailout

Fake news ...on economy

>Cherry Blossom , renovating tennis court with 30 crore rupee
>He gave Buffet dinner to all the news anchors spreading fake news on his behalf
>Various deals to media print media , with advertisement posting his picture
> They pulled out 2-3 billion from reserves and distributed it among themselves to cover their cost
> He is running advertisement in Newspaper , and bill is paid from Government sources
every day full page adverts

Perpare for civil disobedience

He has Risen the Prises to Break Your Will Power , to Break will power of Pakistani to demand for freedom

To rise the prices of Fuel so 20-30% of Demonstrators can't reach Islamabad

Know your Enemy from With in how he thinks !!

The LOAD sheding is to Punishment for Thinking Freely so he has forced the Darkness on you
to weaken your Spirt , Just like how a Prisoner's will is broken in a Dark Isolated Cell

That is why the Load Sheding has been incresed ..to simulate the feeling of Isolation Cell in Prison
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Also , the person who was investigating Cases on Cherry Blossom was told this man and his son will be Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Punjab , so don't investigate further

There is no Economic collapse

There is only a Moral collapse which will be fixed by Public's hands on their neck

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