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Pakistan offers 44 T80U's for western military aid

I think it's very wise to sell these T80s now at a very good time and price.
Even if it is not sold, Ukraine's military industry has been crippled and can no longer provide Pakistan with spare parts and accessories for maintenance.So after a period of time, Pakistan's Ukrainian tanks will face the situation that they can't run, so it's better to sell them now.
Pakistan doesn't owe Russia shit, infact most of our history we have been adversaries. As long as we get a good deal, who cares about Russia, they are done anyways.

The thing is, Pakistan won't get a good deal.

Pakistani army should also fight against Russia and offer themselves for hire...
Some random account posts absolute bullshit and people start jumping up and down. Why doesn't anyone bother to confirm before posting, or replying even?
I can definitely confirm the retirement of at least 3. One is a monument now, one is parked at the EME training complex for training (this one is still functional but as it stands is in too poor of a condition for a fight) and another one I believe was at either the central spares depot or 502. All three of these are from the older batch of 35 that didn’t have the upgrades. I cannot say with 100% surety that the other 32 of this type have been retired as well, but given we have not seen them in pictures or videos for nearly a decade now, it would seem that way, maybe they are in long term storage now or have been cannibalized for parts, or maybe due to their small number they just aren’t seen often (the confusing thing being that in the early Mid-2000s there were many pictures of them alongside the newer ones), Maybe they were modernized to the newer standard (I think this is less likely because they’d need an entirely new turret). Could be a number of things.
It’s the 1st AD this time which needs modern MBTS since the all other Mech Divs and AD operate top tier MBTs.
Any scope of POF in this deal .

BRUSSELS: Several European Union countries will sign an agreement on Monday to team up to buy artillery rounds for Ukraine as part of an effort to speed up and increase the supply of shells that Kyiv says it urgently needs to fight Russia's invasion.

A senior EU official said many of the bloc's 27 countries were expected to sign the so-called project arrangement, which sets out the terms of reference for the plan, but the precise number was unclear as some were still examining the proposal.

The pact to jointly procure 155 mm artillery shells will be signed on the sidelines of a meeting of EU foreign and defence ministers in Brussels on Monday, officials said. First orders under the plan could be placed by the end of May.

"This arrangement has been set up very, very quickly," the senior EU official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told a news briefing on Friday. "All (EU) member states and Norway can participate."

Ukraine has identified the supply of 155 mm shells as a critical need as it engages in a fierce war of attrition with invading Russian forces, in which both sides are firing thousands of artillery rounds every day.

Ukrainian and Western leaders have warned in recent weeks that Kyiv is burning through the shells more quickly than its allies can produce them, leading to a renewed push to send supplies and find ways to ramp up production.

A big joint munitions-buying initiative would mark a significant step in EU integration, as defence procurement has largely been the preserve of the bloc's national governments.

The project to be initiated on Monday would be spearheaded by the EU's European Defence Agency.

EU officials say the move should result in larger single orders for arms firms, thereby encouraging them to invest in increasing capacity, and reduce competition between governments that are driving up prices by trying to place similar orders.

The initiative is part of a plan presented by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell to earmark 1 billion euros ($1.07 billion) to reimburse EU countries for sending shells from their own stocks to Ukraine and a further 1 billion euros for joint procurement.

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