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Lots of people confirming the memos are real.

Tbh I'm still shocked such basic information was in a memo. Surely after the pressler amendment this memo should have been a cornerstone of foreign policy. Who still needs to be told this shit!
There was a discord server that leaked US documents in it there happened to be Pakistan internal memos as well as other things pertaining to American foreign policy.


No this was from a discord leak 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Washington Post leaked it

The leak is of US documents which included lots of foreign intel accumulated by the US. This is not something a discord server collected from different countries individually. The US agencies either have spies in various Governments that are feeding them memos from Pakistan and other countries or they have intercepted the memo's by hacking servers.

Either way, Pakistani intelligence agency is not doing it's job if foreign agencies can get hold of internal memos.
So a single young man is more capable then our entire old dogs generals
No, the CIA spied on us (And many other countries and the UN chief, as seen in the leaks), and this young man couldn't keep his mouth shut and leaked some of the classified documents to impress his friends.

A lot like when someone leaked a defence deal on PDF and Indians started randi rona and the deal went cold.
No, the CIA spied on us (And many other countries and the UN chief, as seen in the leaks), and this young man couldn't keep his mouth shut and leaked some of the classified documents to impress his friends.

A lot like when someone leaked a defence deal on PDF and Indians started randi rona and the deal went cold.

@all, these memos are real. They, along with a lot of other Top Secret and NOFORN documents about various topics (Russia, Ukraine, India) were leaked by a young USAF officer who was trying to prove a point to his buddies on discord.

This is the largest leak of US intelligence since wikileaks. It's a huge deal.

Indian memos were also leaked, incl. Doval's conversations with Russians.

He wasn’t an officer. Just an Air National Guard part timer. He’s going to jail for a long time.
‏دھماکہ خیز ہم چاہتے ہیں جلد سے جلد ‎@OfficialDGISPR بیان جاری کرے قوم کو بتائے سچ کیا ہے ثابت کرے ہم غلط ہیں ؟ رجیم چینج کے بعد چیف کا پہلا دورہ چین نے خود بلا کر کرایا کمپنی پھر پکڑی گی بلکہ چین نے گھر بلا کر ننگا کیا ہے 😡چین نے پاکستان اور انڈیا کے جنرنیلوں کے کالے کرتوت گھر بلا کر دیکھائے ہیں پاکستان میں میڈیا مکمل خاموش کوئی خبر نہیں ورنہ گھر کے دروازے ٹوت سکتے ہیں

پردے پیچھے کیا ہو رہا تھا اور پاکستان میں کیا ہو رہا تھا چین نے پانچ دن کے دورے پر حافظ کو بلا کر شدید ترین تحفظات اور ناراضگی کا اظہار کیا ہے چین نے یہ بھی کہا ہمارے دوست پاکستان کے بارے میں ہمارے اتحادی رشیا کو بھی شدید اعتراض ہے 🤔ہوا کیا ؟کیوں حافظ کی ہوائیاں اڑی ہوئی تھی ؟
پاکستان نے جو امریکہ کے کہنے پر یوکرین کو چھوٹا گولہ بارود اور میزائیل فراہم کیے ہیں جس پر روس کو شدید غصہ ہے (جو ہماری خبر کے بعد بی بی سی نے بھی اب خبر دی ہے )اب پتہ چلا ہے کہ ان میں وہ اسلحہ بھی شامل ہے جو بھارت نے آرمینیا کو جنگ کے دوران دیا تھا جو بھارت کا بنا ہوا ہے جو ناکارہ ثابت ہوا تھا اب سوال یہ ہے وہ اسلحہ پاکستان کے اسلحہ کے ساتھ یوکرین کیسے پہنچا ؟کیا پاکستان اور بھارت کے جرنیل امریکہ کے کہنے پر مل کر یوکرائن کو اپنا اسلحہ بیچ رہے ہیں اور یہ بات ثابت ہو چکی ہے کیونکہ انڈیا روس کا اتحادی ہے وہ ڈائریکٹ اسلحہ نہیں بیچ سکتا پھر سوال پیدا ہوتا ئے کیا پاکستان نے انڈیا کا اسلحہ بیچنے کے لیے انڈیا سے بھی پیسہ لیا جو روس کی ایجنسی نے ثابت کیا ہے چین کو اسی طرح یوکرائن امریکہ سے بھی پیسہ لیا یعنی مڈل مین کا کردار پاکستان نے ادا کیا ہے اگر ایسا ہے تو بھارتی اسلحہ پاکستان میں کیسے آیا کون لایا کیسے آگے گیا یا یہ سب کچھ افغانستان میں طے ہوا ؟ایسا ہوا ہے تو کس نے اجازت دی کیا پاکستان کی حکومت پارلیمنٹ کو بتایا گیا تھا اسلحہ کا پیسہ پاکستان کی گورنمنٹ کے بنک میں کیوں نہیں آیا پھر کس نے انڈیا کے لیے ایجنٹ کا رول ادا کیا رشیا کی ایجنسی نے رنگے ہاتھوں وہ پکڑا ہے اور چین کو پاکستان کے اس کھیل کے بارے میں بتایا گیا ہے سوال یہ ہے رشیا نے یہ احتجاج پاکستان سے کیوں نہیں کیا چین کے زریعے کیوں کیا ؟ کیونکہ باجوہ کے روس یوکرائن جنگ میں روس کی مذمت کرنے والے بیان کے بعد روس سمجھتا ہے کہ پاکستان میں کوئی عوامی حکومت نہیں اس کیے کمہنی نے بلاول کو روس نہیں بھیجا کیونکہ کمپنی جانتی تھی روس نے کیا کہنا ہے صرف فوج ہی سب کو کنٹرول کرتی ہے حافظ کو جب چین نے ثبوت دیکھائے تو حافظ کی زبان بند ہو گی کچھ بولا نہیں جا رہا تھا
ہاکستان میں کیا ہوتا رہا عمران کوُادھر لے جاو ادھر لے جاو ضمانتیں کینسل کر کے ادھر ادھر بچوں کو پکڑ لو میڈیا کو مصروف کرلو گھر سے اٹھا لیا شوشل میڈیا کے بچوں کو اٹھا لیا کبھی عدالتوں کے زریعے کبھی اداروں کے زریعے پورا ایک سال عوام کو مصروف رکھا ہوا ہے اور میڈیا اور چودہ سہولت کار چور عوام کو مصروف رکھے ہوئے ہیں ادھر بزنس تیزی سے جاری ہے اور یوکریں کی جنگ تک فوج کسی صورت الیکشن نئیں ہونے دے گی یاد رکھیں ‎@OfficialDGISPRView attachment 926962View attachment 926963
Pakistan sold these long stored weapons to UK..
Pakistan has no plan 😭

Wrong Pakistan does have a plan, which is to have no plan.

If Pakistan is smart they won't sacrifice one ally for another, no need to get too cozy with either China or USA, follow your own national interest.

You're asking for too much that would require the brain to fire on all cylinders.
Plan is to amass the maximum amount of wealth in the least amount of time and do a runner to the West.

Sounds like a plan.
It just shows how one track minded Rabbai Khar is.

Every person in the nation with a single braincell or above would've thought these things years ago, AND pursued them to good effect.

Here we are, with the foreign minister having to write basic common sense on internal memos
WASHINGTON: Leading US paper has published a detailed report showing that how several countries including Pakistan have been trying to stay neutral or not taking sides in the growing confrontation between the United States and its rivals, Russia and China, as well as how Pakistan abandoned its neutrality.

According to a report by Washington Post, these countries are choosing not to get involved in the conflict and instead maintain their independence and neutrality. The implication is that this lack of support or involvement from key nations could make it more difficult for the US to achieve its objectives in this confrontation.

The WP report says the documents, among a trove of U.S. secrets leaked online through the Discord messaging platform, provide a rare glimpse into the private calculations by key emerging powers, including India, Brazil, Pakistan and Egypt, as they attempt to straddle allegiances in an era when America is no longer the world’s unchallenged superpower.

The report quotedMatias Spektor, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, as saying developing nations are recalibrating at a moment when America faces potent new competition, as China projects new economic and military clout and Russia, though weakened by President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, demonstrates its ability to deflect Western pressure.

“It’s unclear who will end up in a pole position in 10 years’ time, so they need to diversify their risk and hedge their bets,” Spektor said.

This is apparent in Pakistan, which received billions of dollars in U.S. economic and security aid following 9/11 but now is heavily reliant on Chinese investment and loans. According to one of the leaked documents, Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan’s minister of state for foreign affairs, argued in March that her country can “no longer try to maintain a middle ground between China and the United States.”

In an internal memo she titled “Pakistan’s Difficult Choices,” Khar, who previously served as Pakistan’s foreign minister, cautioned that Islamabad should avoid giving the appearance of appeasing the West, and said the instinct to preserve Pakistan’s partnership with the United States would ultimately sacrifice the full benefits of what she deemed the country’s “real strategic” partnership with China. The undated intelligence document does not detail how the United States gained access to Khar’s memo.

Another document, dated Feb. 17, describes Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s deliberations with a subordinate about an upcoming U.N. vote on the Ukraine conflict, and what the government anticipated would be renewed Western pressure to back a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion.

The aide advised Sharif that support for the measure would signal a shift in Pakistan’s position following its earlier abstention on a similar resolution, the intelligence document says. Pakistan had the ability to negotiate trade and energy deals with Russia, and backing the Western-backed resolution could jeopardize those ties, the aide noted.

It may be recalled that When the U.N. General Assembly voted Feb. 23, Pakistan was among 32 countries that abstained.

Washington Post says Pakistani officials and those from other countries named in the leaked documents declined to comment.

Its pakistan army leaking it to play good in usa book
Yes.. that is why civilians audios get leaked. Then army can later say to the US "no, we are with you and on the same page". They malign their civilian representatives to look good.
I might sound like a conspirator but does Bajwa have any link with a US army guy who leaked the memos?

Revenge of the Bajwas?

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