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Pakistan gets Saudis’ ‘green signal' for $2b funding

Oh no, not this again.......... :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:.........it is better that Pakistan defaults, goes bankrupt and then rebuilds itself into something much more better. Rises from the ashes. We are just delaying the inevitable. Better to deal with it now than in 20 years time.

Technically speaking Pakistan has already defaulted. When you are unable to meet your commitments, eg, payment to exporters who have sold their goods to you, you are defaulted. You are unable to pay due instalments / interests of your loan, you are defaulted. The only thing remaining is that the state of Pakistan officially announces financial default. We are now living on others income loans from ( Saudis China)
2 billion USD? Illegal assets of Pakistanis hidden in different tax havens across the world is minimum 350 billion USD.

If a small percentage can be brought back Pakistan's different economic problems can be solved.
No it's true..sharif has strong ties with saudis.
2b$ is price of yatch Saudi prince lives on it..it's absolutely nothing and it's just roll over so it's not like they are giving new money

I won't be surprised if saudis give us 10b$ when sharif is here.

10b$ is cheap to control 230m world largest Muslim country

Adjusting for non Muslims Pakistan has more population then Indonesia
Indonesia still has more Muslim population than Pakistan, but Pakistan Muslim population is likely exceeding Indonesia in early 2030's due to Pakistan higher birth rate


Top 10 Most Muslim Populated Countries in the World:​

1. Indonesia - 231 Million People
2. Pakistan - 212,3 Million People
3. India - 200 Million People
4. Bangladesh - 153,7 Million People
5. Nigeria - 95-103 Million People
6. Mesir - 85-90 Juta Million People
7. Iran - 82,5 Million People
8. Turki - 74,4 Million People
9. Aljazair - 41,2 Million People
10. Sudan - 39,6 Million People

Muslim population in Indonesia is 86.7 (87) % from Indonesia total population
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how will that work - pls elaborate. WHo will be caliph? If Pakistan picks a claiph MBS will be very unhappy. If Pakistan accepts a Saudi caliph what will happen to sovereignty?
Pakistan can select a Pakistani Caliph. MBS is not fit to be a Caliph due to his secular policies. Elections can be held or other means for electing.
Light is green, but no truck on the road.

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