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Pakistan expected to receive $700 million loan from Chinese bank this week: Dar

According to various epic threads on this forum, Pakistan generals routinely sold their country to USA.

Therefore, we can deduce that this loan must come with the best term Pakistan can possibly negotiate.

To be the taller than mountain, deeper than ocean, sweeter than honey friend


Right, so we should come beg to you, whose country holds the highest amount of poor and malnourished people on this planet. Close to 5 million killed during corona pandemic, and the bodies dumped into that “holy” River. I swear Indians are the worse scums on this planet. The obsessiveness you creeps have for Pakistan is off the charts. Don’t you worry about our relationship with China. You’re in our backyard, not the other way around.
Can’t even take care of the 800 mn impoverished citizens of your own country, and here they come openly bragging about being a large powerful country. If you had any shame, you and the rest of your fellow Indians wouldn’t dare show your face on this forum.
First, we don't know who invented this, might be Indians, second, what does it have to do with trade and business?
Ignore him. He comes here to gloat and lecture us in an underhanded way. Just another one who thinks given our situation, they will be able extract benefits for their country. They are incorrigible. This is why I think its a great benefit that we have own country no matter how bad of shape we’re currently in.

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