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PA Helicopter crashes near Lasbela - Passenger list includes senior officers leading flood relief effort

I rather not say his name - he is a critical resource in that general region. Lets leave it as vague as that.
Yaar do me a favor can you delete your reply to me older non-edited message. Dont want his rank level to be shared either.
Sir, may I please suggest you could contact him directly.
They likely will but only after investigating
Which could include
1. If there is a mishap - what is the nature of it and any details of souls onboard. Then they will inform the next of kin FIRST before letting the public know ANYTHING.
Imagine what would be going on in the minds of the families of these people right now and the proverbial goats which are Pakistani public are too busy forwarding all sorts of masala.

2.If there there isn’t a mishap - where the rumor originated from and who began it?
What if they were all ok but due to the news a family member of the alleged affected has some medical issue or in incident? Who is to blame? The dipshit people of Pakistan?
Drama queen
‏کور کمانڈر کوئٹہ جنرل سرفراز اور ڈی جی کوسٹ گارڈ ہیلی کاپٹر حادثے میں شہید ہونیوالوں میں شامل۔
Heard that Commander 12 Corps was also on board along with other high ranking officers, crashed near susai panu shrine area.
Commander 12 Corps Lt Gen Sarfaraz Ali
Brig Amjad
Brig Khalid
Maj Saeed
Maj Talha
Crew Chief Mudassir

There is a saying "God only helps those who help themselves" It is time we start taking things seriously and go after every non-state actor if not now then this country is headed for a bleak future.
stop spreading rumors please.

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