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Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan Arrested: News and Discussion

Is Martial Law/Emergency a real possibility after IK arrest?

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    Votes: 145 63.6%
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Pakistan’s Powerful Military Faces New Resistance From Courts​

Long seen as kowtowing to the military, the judiciary has defied it in recent rulings, signaling an important shift in Pakistan’s political landscape.

Because Imran khan is not PM anymore? Nobody is above the laws and certainly not above the game for that matter. I would rather trust the army that has been fighting TTP to death than khan that wants political office for TTP and saves TTP from extinction.
Poor defense.

Army is not the law. Every army in the world fights insurgencies and other threats; doesn't make them eligible to rule a nation. The same army is Pakistan’s largest business owner and real estate owner. Why would you trust a real estate owner to run your country?

Also the fact that they are fighting TTP now points to some sort of intelligence and national security failure years and decades ago, which most commentators hold them responsible for.
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...the ' *shock and awe* ' treatment that they have given to the educated/aware strata of Society has sent the masses into a *state of recluse* ..... This is a very discernible yet extremely dangerous pattern only observed once before..... i.e. in East Pakistan in 1971..... The contract of hope between people and their govt at large has ended effectively..... Results; you can well calculate...
What happens next.... People are forced to stop resetment ........ The pot continues to boil unattended.... It will eventually explode at some point in time, burning everything in its way..... And the *goons* continue their fascism unabetted...yet another discernible pattern similar to 1971.... Rest as we know... *History repeats itself*
Schuemaam a nice judaonazi name. No 👎 negative agenda there.
However he was correct. 1971 we broke up

Parasitic worms might also trigger seizures — in case you needed another reason to hate them​

Good At least my Pediatrics professor will now vote for PTI. The only reason he didnt voted for PTI was he would have to vote for a Mirasi which was against His Principles.

Haven't come across one but I m sure it's gonna be cringe as hell.

Let's see how long till their ancient big brains realize you can't feed propaganda to a education middle class.

Give my salaams to your professor. I follow the same principle.
They might as well turn this into a Real Estate Investment Trust and IPO on the Pakistani Stock Market.

Koi dividend payout to ai?

Monal Restaurant is Built on Army Land & Army Wants it Back​

Already subjected to several objections, now Pakistan Army has stepped forward to get its share of land back on which Monal restaurant is built.
ByNew Desk

14 November 2019

Monal starts paying rent to army​


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