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Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan Arrested: News and Discussion

Is Martial Law/Emergency a real possibility after IK arrest?

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There used to be an amazing investigative journalist in Islamabad back in the 90's; Shahida Tariq who was one of my heroes when she was alive, god rest her soul.

I have always found that some of the lesser known Urdu newspapers have some exceptional journalists and they are very outspoken and actually research the topics they write on. Modern journalists especially in Pakistan are very poor, I mean just read the Dawn, the Dawn Newspaper was once respected as the most reliable and objective English Daily in Pakistan, sadly its not anymore.

DAWN now has such basic editorial mistakes I wonder if they actually proofread their articles anymore or not.
Ground work for Nawaz’s return being laid:

DAWN now has such basic editorial mistakes I wonder if they actually proofread their articles anymore or not.
That's just like many of our newspapers and news channels. In fact this lack of dedication and basic work ethics is percolating across all areas. This is leading to loss of capabilities as well. And once we get self absorbed in the toxic social media world and the silly pattern of getting undeserved 'likes', 'you're cool' type of false compliments, we think that we are fine and our stupid mistakes are quite acceptable.
PTI workers wrongfully accused using "Cell Site Dumping" in Lahore under FIR 864/23 - could not be identified in an identity parade. They will be released shortly Insha'Allah:

Whilst we are on the subject of “Land Grabbing”.

In February, the army requested the Punjab government for 1 million acres of state land in the Cholistan area for corporate agricultural farming, court documents reveal.

View attachment 930125
View attachment 930126

Of the over 45,000 the Punjab government was granted to the Pakistan army for "corporate farming", 23,027 was forest land.

For now, the Lahore High Court has stayed the transfer of the state land on lease to the Pakistan military. But the Punjab government pleaded in court yesterday for the stay to be lifted.

A noble cause:
View attachment 930127

Note this “pilot project” aims to “develop” over 23,000 acres of Forrest land into pilot agricultural land.

As per a report published on Pakistan Disaster risks: The most adverse impacts of deforestation in Pakistan are flooding, climatic changes, land sliding, land degradation, soil erosion and desertification.

Further to my post on the 17th, an update today from the LHC - hearing a petition against the grant of up to one million acres of state land in Punjab to the Pakistan army for corporate agricultural farming.
Well, the ordinary people of Punjab never saw themselves as Kings; they were rather deceived by the notion of Pakistan to such an extent that they willingly relinquished their culture and language in the pursuit of an idealized Islamic Urdistan. They wholeheartedly believed the falsehoods propagated by the establishment and the Army. This rude awakening can actually be beneficial for Punjab and its people but it may have negative implications for Pakistan as a whole.
Couldn't have put it better.

@Mirzali Khan , we are not your enemies. Your enemies and ours are the same. since you left a love emoji, I understand you agreed with that. Very rare for pashtun ethnonationalists.

seems @ziaulislam is banned. I would have loved for him to read this. He was under the distinct impression that Punjabi people in the villages and square were ordering the drones strikes on Pashtun children.
No one denies that damaging buildings is unacceptable,
The sanctity of a single woman who they drag by her hair is more than all their monuments and palaces combined.

The sanctity of a Muslim's life and dignity that they so effortlessly take away, is more than that of the Kaaba, according to the Prophet PBUH.
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