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Our Heroes need their identity back - Pakistan Army

Maj Shah Nawaz Shaheed
Sitara E Jurat
8 Baloch Regt
1965 War

Major Shah Nawaz SJ, of 8 Baloch Regiment was a part of the force which launched a counter offensive across the Cease-fire line against Chamb, Jourian and Akhnoor. The infantry battalion, 8 Baloch was being commanded by Lt. Col. Siddique and was a part of 102 Infantry Brigade commanded by Brigadier Zafar Ali Khan.

The 102 Brigade was tasked in the phase 1, to capture area west of River Tawi in the Chamb sector, including villages of Mandiala,Ullan Wali, Pir Jamal, Moel, Paur and Burjeal etc.

The Brigade was supported by 11 Cavalry, a tank regiment. The Pakistani attack commenced at 0500 hours 1st September 1965 supported by a terrific pre-H-Hour artillery bombardment which had commenced belching fire at 0330 hours.

Shahnawaz, having the task of capturing villages Moel and Paur, commenced its lightening attack against its objectives and was met with a stiff resistance from well dug in enemy infantry, Recoilless Rifles and tanks. Bitter fighting ensued and by 0900 hours the enemy resistance
at Moel was eliminated and 20 prisoners were sent back to the Regimental HQ.

Major Shahnawaz then commenced advance south towards the village of Paur where enemy light tanks were dug in position. Support of 11 Cavalry was called in to deal with the enemy AMX-13 tanks which were effectively dealt after taking a few losses. Major Raza Shah Shaheed Sitara E Jurat of 11 Cavalry took part in this particular action, enabling the company of Major Shahnawaz to proceed towards its objective.

Once in the outskirts of Paur, bitter fighting again errupted with heavy losses on both sides. In the heat of the battle, Major Shahnawaz leading his company was hit by a burst from machine gun fire and embraced shahadat. Soon after his company was succesful in finishing the enemy resistance and capturing Paur.

Major Shahnawaz was awarded Sitara E Jurat in recognition of his gallantry services. He had received commission in February 1951 through 3 PMA Long Course.


Sep 3, 2023


Sep 26, 2023

Remembering Major Muneeb Afzal 128L/C ex 26Avn, Major Khurram Shahzad 111L/C ex 26Avn, Naik Jalil, Subedar Abdul Wahid, Sepoy Muhamad Imran and Sepoy Shoaib on their first Shahadat Anniversary!

On September 26, 2022, a Pakistan Army Bell 412EP helicopter crashed during a mission in the vicinity of Khost, Harnai, Balochistan. Tragically, all six personnel aboard, which included two pilots valiantly sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.
*Details of Shuhada*

1. *Major Khurram Shahzad*
Age 39 years, resident of Attock, married, one daughter

2. *Major Muhammad Muneeb Afzal*
Age 30 years, resident of Rawalpindi, married, two sons

3. *Sub Abdul Wahid*
Age 44 years . Resident of Village Sabir Abad, Karak.
Married , 4 children including 3 sons and a daughter

4 *Sep Muhammad Imran*
Age 27 years , Resident of Makhdoompur, Khanewal . Married . Two daughters and a son

5. *Nk Jalil-Crew*
Age 30 yrs , Resident of Vil Bhutta, Lohara, Teh Kharian, Distt Gujrat , Married , Two sons
6. *Sep Shoaib*
Age 35 yrs , Resident of Vil Khatarphatti PO Syeeda Teh Jhand, Distt Attock , Married, One Son.
Remember Captain Abdullah Zafar Shaheed 136L/C ex 44Cav on his Shahadat Anniversary!


On September 27, 2020, an intelligence tip was received regarding armed terrorists within the Regiment’s area of responsibility, near Upper Sholam, Shakkal.

Upon learning of the situation, reaction force, the party set out for the target location. They received assistance from a local source or informant along the way. Captain Abdullah Zafar Shaheed, along with his team, reached the target location and established a cordon. An exchange of fire ensued between the soldiers and the terrorists.

Under the capable leadership of Captain Abdullah Zafar Shaheed, the terrorists encountered a quick reaction force they could not withstand, and they attempted to flee into a nullah. In an effort to intercept their escape, Captain Abdullah Zafar Shaheed rushed towards the fleeing terrorists.

During this pursuit, two terrorists were injured, and tragically, Captain Abdullah Zafar Shaheed sustained a gunshot wound to the head. He was immediately evacuated to the South Waziristan Scouts Hospital in Wana, where he embraced martyrdom on September 28, 2020.
Remembering Captain Sikandar Sohail Latif Shaheed 134L/C ex 27AK on his shahadat Anniversary!


On September 29, 2021, Captain Sikandar Sohail Latif, 134L/C, ex 27AK, was martyred during an Intelligence-Based Operation in District Tank. Captain Sikandar was tasked to conduct an IBO. During the operation, the officer received a bullet in his head and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries and embraced martyrdom.

He was posthumously awarded the Tamgha-e-Basalat.

March 27, 1971

Tangail: East Pakistan

"If you take out this Pakistani flag and give it to us, we will let you go… or… prepare to die" this was the warning given to the Major who was also their company commander, by the traitorous East Bengal Rifles, accompanied by Mukti Bahini.
"Me and take the Pakistani flag out? Not in a million years" was the answer by Major along with a shower of bullets.
The argument now turned into a fierce battle.
The background of this argument was that a Bengali NCO of the unit was very abusive to his jawans and often abused them. The Major called the NCO to his office and told him that refrain from such practice. The NCO came out of the office and said that Company Commander has permitted him to disgrace the jawans as much as possible. A jawan who was a witness to this whole situation argued that it is absolutely wrong. The argument turned into a fight. The Major came out of his office and tried to resolve the issue but he was himself injured.
To get proper medication, he had to move to the company head quarters. His CO Colonel Rab Nawaz told him not to go back to his company as it has turned against Pakistan. Major refused to do so. Colonel Rab Nawaz locked him in a room but Major was able to escape the room and reach his company.
It was a rumor in the company that Major has fled for his life, but against their perceptions Major was still there to take over the company. Now the traitor elements in the company became desperate. They surrounded the Major who was at the Tangail Rest House along with the DC of the district. Major was given the option to surrender or to take out the Pakistani flag hoisted on the roof of rest house. Both these options were unacceptable for Major, so he took a third option …
A fierce battle started between The Major and a whole company of traitors. Even being heavily armed and in a large number, enemy was not able to move even an inch near the rest house. It took one day and one night but the battle was still on. On March 29, traitors were able to advance when the Major ran out of ammunition.

Traitors killed the Major and then were able to take the control of the rest house.

Today history knows the Major as Major Kazim Kamal Khan Shaheed SSG (Sitara e Jurrat) Punjab Regiment

جس دھج سے کوئی مقتل کو گیا وہ شان سلامت رہتی ہے
یہ جان تو آنی جانی ہے اس جاں کی تو کوئی بات نہیں



It was after noon when the telephone bell rang at a small house of Gulberg Lahore.
"Hello! who is there?", asked the young man who answered the phone.
"Ahsan here Yar ! Tanveer had a fight at Temple Road with five gangsters of the area, do something", a frightened voice from the other side replied.
The young man put the phone down immediately, kicked his bike and almost flew towards Temple Road. When he reached there, the fight was over and Tanveer was taken to the hospital for dressing but those five gangsters were still there. The young man recognized those five, but instead of stopping there; the young man kicked his bike and left. The gangsters who were ready to fight with him were surprised to see the young man's reaction.

"Oye aa bakri, darr gaya ain?" (Punjabi)
(Hey you goat? Are you afraid?), were the remarks by the gangsters, but he didn't stop.

After half an hour the young man came back on his bike, his head was shaved and he was wearing jeans, instead of his Kurta Shalwar. It was a big but unpleasant surprise for the gangsters. The young man got off from his bike and charged at them. Within a few minutes, the young man thrashed all the five like cotton.

"Hun dass bakri kon ay?" (Punjabi)
(Now tell me who is the goat?) was the question by the young man.

After taking care of the gangsters, the young man reached the hospital, consoling his wounded friend Tanveer and said ," Don't worry yar ! I am never going to leave you alone.
"I know …", was the answer by Tanveer with a contented smile.
After 3 months, the young man, was promoted to the rank of Major in Pakistan Army. He received a phone call when he was at Sialkot, It was Ahsan on the other side saying ,"Bad news for us Yar ! Tanveer is no more; he has committed suicide last night because of his marriage issue".
Those were not just words but were a bomb which just destroyed all the senses of the Major. In a condition of trauma, Major attended the funeral of his friend.

May, 1970

After few weeks of his friends death, one day the Major came to offer Fatiha on his friend's grave, he saw an old woman at the grave. He quickly recognized her, she was the mother of his friend Tanveer.

"Maa Ji! No words to describe the grief" Major said with a heavy heart.

"But my grief is even bigger Son, Tanveer's mother told the Major that she has seen her son many times in her dream, surrounded in fire and in pain and its all because he committed suicide, Mufti sahab says that it is Azaab and it can only end if any practicing Aalim or any Shaheed is buried near his grave".

"Don't worry Maa Ji, In Sha Allah soon it will be over. Major consoled the grieved mother. "I am not going to leave him alone"

December, 1971

That Major embraced shahadat at the war front after performing a series of super heroic acts. He was buried next to Tanveer's grave as per his will.

That night Tanveer's mother saw the Major in her dream, wearing a white glowing robe, lifting a heavy sack, going somewhere in a hurry.

" Baita listen to me, where are you going?" the Mother called him in the dream.

"Maa Ji not now, its Tanveer's load and I am going to throw it somewhere", and the mother was happy to see the calm and happy face of her son Tanveer, going after the Major. After that night, his mother never saw her son disturbed in her dreams.

The Major not only proved to be the best officer of Pakistan Army, but a best son, a best brother and a best friend, who took care of his friend even after being martyred.

Today, the world knows him as Major Shabbir Shareef Shaheed Nishan e Haider.


So sad on this loss.

Having said that - it sickens me how people wraps themselves to get that "partial glitter" from these losses, just to perpetuate old worn out idioms.

Also how we just sugar coat and avoid learning lessons on why this keeps happening. Some are absolutely unavoidable and par for the course for this sort of warfare.
But then there is also a failure of objective review and analysis on the constant failures of force protection.

I can guarantee you that in the case of Col Hassan he was targeted. And though I am speculating there is a strong possibility that there was an internal leak and compromise. Either that or the b*****ds just got lucky.
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Major Ali Raza Shaheed

📷: The picture was taken just two days before #Shahadat while he was on an operation in sambaza, (Zhob) where he embraced martyrdom.

Army pays tribute to Major Akram on 52nd martyrdom anniversary​

Martyr’s exemplary courage is hallmark of defenders of motherland, says ISPR

News Desk
December 05, 2023

major mohammad akram shaheed nh photo pakistan army

Major Mohammad Akram Shaheed, NH.

Armed forces of Pakistan, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and services chiefs on Tuesday paid glowing tribute to Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed, Nishan-e-Haider, on his 52nd martyrdom anniversary, the military said in a statement.

Displaying valour against all odds, Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed heroically repulsed innumerable attacks by enemy inflicting heavy losses in the battle of Hilli during 1971 war, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.

It said that the epic resistance demonstrated by Major Akram did not allow Indian army to capture even an inch of the motherland till he embraced martyrdom.

“Such exemplary courage is the hallmark of defenders of our motherland,” the ISPR hailed.
It said that Major Muhammad Akram’s martyrdom anniversary serves as a powerful reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the armed forces of Pakistan to defend the motherland.

"Let us remember these heroes who have laid down their lives in defence of our motherland. The nation is proud of its gallant sons," the ISPR concluded.

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