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New York City looks apocalyptic and is ranked #1 in pollution by iqair.

NYC is a dystopian hellhole, the Upstate is so much better. People forget that there is much more to New York then Times Square or the Empire State Building.


Drunks and junkies lighting up campfires, dancing around it like a bunch of crazed injuns in the name of 'fun.'

What could possibly go wrong?

I'll never understand the 'glamor' of living out in the nature, screwing chicks in the bushes, and sh!tting in mud holes. There's a reason our ancestors came up with the concept of "home" - complete with a bed and bathroom.
Its a once in a lifetime event here in NYC all the way down east coast courtesy of the great Canadian bonfire of summer of 23😄, people been making party and events out of it this weekend around here😂 like firezilla, hellfire event on friday night lol!

To the haters up there ^^, no NYC or Usa isnt dying off a weekend fire smoke event, I can breathe all fine, prolly only safety notices are about asthmatics and older folks, city took care of that. But you can show off how ignorant you all are comparing chronically choked cities to east coast cities for a weekend, and again quebecians are weird n all but let them have great barbecue in the summer of 23, no harm done, its like complaining about health when my neighbor lights up his bbq on the weekend and smokes my lawn, as long as I get a couple of ribs from him that smoke dont bother me much👍

Btw on a serious note ,there is some wild theories going around around about how 3000 or so fires started in a day!
To all the haters posting up there, its prople like you to whom fingers are being pointed, chinese weather ballons and muslim extremists conspiracies and all, so you all better bet nothing turns out true and pray for rains!

Here we go about the atmosphere around this all, you know its gonna be a great party when Jamaicans join in🤣🤣, air canada flying in Jamaican firefighters who come singing dancing to the airport-

Im pretty sure Trudeau will show his gratefulness to these folks by granting each of them honorary citizenship, and they deserve to it fully.

Btw heres an idea for the chinese haters, get some firefighting skills instead of boat overboarding and wall climbing😂, air canada will fly you direct to quebec!
This has the vibes of Frankemstorm event of 2012, there was so mich more disruption and still people found fun innit.

Some people are happy just because offices and airports etc shutdown so the weekend started early, we could all use such change of pace, mu meetings getting canceled cause flights cant land at JFK and newark, hell my weekend starts early now, thanks to canadians and their great bbq🤣, this lady figured it a bbq too-oh lord jesus what the kinda bbq my neighbor got on lol..

NyPost names it EhPocalypse-

Candians being canadians, already apologizing , little do they know we owe them for this😄

And of course the wild government conspiracy theories abound south of the border too🤣

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